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The Argyle Hotel

18 Argyle St, The Rocks, NSW
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Features 5 diverse bars, including a smart private lounge and a cobblestoned courtyard bar. Housed within one of the country’s oldest commercial buildings, this great destination is a superb mix of old and new. Fab food, a chilled atmosphere and an impressive selection of beers, wines and cocktails make this one of the city’s hottest meeting spots!

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The Argyle Hotel Review

Review By Nastasia Campanella

In a party place like Sydney, it’s hard to find a bar with a mix of class and sophistication without being overly expensive or pretentious. The Argyle is the perfect fusion of the lot.

My first trip to the venue was for a casual drink or two. I approached the door with confidence and was disappointed to find a massively long line running along the footpath. Sure, this clearly meant the place was good, but I wondered if there was any chance of getting in. The bouncers were quick in letting people through. After sending men in singlets away, our group of girls sporting designer jeans and heals and guys in snake skin shoes and collared shirts were given the green light.

We entered amazed! Usually, the first thing to do on a night out is to head to the bar. This time however, we wanted to spend a little time taking a squiz at the historic decor. The venue is housed in the 1820’s Argyle Stores building and it seems that much of the original structure has been preserved with a contemporary twist. There’s a huge archway at the front. Careful though, if your wearing heals, you might trip as you strut further into the sandstone abode as the floors are complete cobble.

We headed for the bar and found we were spoilt for choice with five of them. We decided to start at the two bars. down stairs with a couple of cocktails while lounging on the bright red sofas in a tiny nook to one side of the dimly lit room. The boys sucked back the beers – most of which were from around Australia. The cocktails though, were to die for! I started off with a traditional Bellini ($16): a fruity fresh taste of peach, orange bitters, a dash of sugar syrup, shaken with pink champagne. Next was The Brandy Alexander ($18). Made from brandy, dark creme de cacao and white creme de cacao, a touch of cream and a cinnamon quill on top, this was the epitome of rich royalty. If wine is your thing, there are drops from all over the globe including Italy, Argentina, Spain and Mexico.

The food here packed a punch too. A platter of salt and pepper chilli calamari with wild lime dipping sauce at $17 was tantalisingly tender and tasty. The crispy potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream at $9,5 a plate went down well. Icing on the cake was the Bruschetta (tomato and basil with bocconcini layered softly over fresh Italian style bread topped with olive oil at $8. However, the Argyle isn’t just about snacking. The kitchen provides yummy lunch and dinner too. Try the butter chicken ($8), the Wagyu Beef Burger ($19), as well as a selection of beautiful Sushi Rolls (6 pieces for $13) and there is always a soup of the day.

Our tummies full we went up a staircase to hit the final three bars. There, the room is dark, the mood almost romantic chic with tall, timber tables, amazing twisted light fixtures and neutral coloured lounges. The dance floor was rather small which for my friends and I, proved the bar’s biggest downfall. Exciting though, was the fact that the DJ sat in a circular platform suspended from the roof.

My first time at the Argyle and the next consecutive few after that proved great nights out. Whether it was for a drink after work on a Friday night, a girl’s night out after a nasty breakup or one of the many 21st Birthday’s I’ve had in the past year, the Argyle was fun. There were plenty of great cocktails and decent bits and pieces to nibble over. There does however, seem to have been a slight shift in the feel of the place. Once a hip and happening joint, the Argyle now in my opinion, feels like more of an upmarket pub rather than an exclusive cocktail bar. The dress code has stayed, there is still no cover charge, the style remains and the food and drinks are still great. I have found though, that the lines have gotten a little shorter and there are more people catching up instead of dancing the night away. For me, it will always be the perfect start to a great night out.

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A 2nd Argyle Hotel Review

Review By Kelly Teng

Mixing business with pleasure is always how we Sydneysiders do it, and the one perfect spot to do this is The Argyle. Providing a simple, yet effortlessly stylish design, The Argyle is the place to be regardless of whether you have just finished work, are going for pre-drinks, or want to just have a great night out.

The first thing I thought when I walked into The Argyle was “I’m not in Sydney anymore!” With it’s cobblestone paving on the outdoor area and its wooden interior, The Argyle transports its patrons to a classic English or Scottish pub. The decor exudes a quintessential homey vibe, which means that you’ll want to stay here long into the night – when I went there for the first time, I refused to leave for 3 hours. On top of that, add in the awesome lights that hang from the ceiling (yes, they are awesome and yes, I stared at them for a good ten minutes) and the glass area where the DJ stands, and you’ve got yourself a modern, yet classic look that will always remain timeless.

However, where decor succeeds, the crowd can sometimes fail. The people at The Argyle really do depend on the time you go. Show up on a Friday night at 10pm and the people will all be businessmen finishing a week of work, and girls that are after their money. Turn up on a Saturday night at midnight and the dance floor will be pumping, the patrons will be diverse, and the chance of you finding someone you like is around 90%. Come on a weekday, and everyone is all business and the chances of having a good weekday-night-out are slim. If you choose to go to The Argyle for a night out, make sure that you choose your day wisely because the wrong day might ruin your impressions of the place.

As for the drinks, The Argyle provides all of the classic cocktails at the classic prices…but the best reason to come here (and the reason most people do) is for their beer. The range of beers this place has is hard to find, and although you have to pay quite a bit (somehow a Corona ended up costing me $10.50), it is most definitely worth it for these mouth-watering drinks. Also, because there’s no entry fee the drinks don’t end up costing you that much extra. The cocktails are also delicious, but I do kind of wish the bartenders would put on more of a show while they made them instead of just…well, making them. The rest of the staff are always friendly and never pretentious, especially the people at the door who give you a great welcome and make you feel at home before you’re even inside.

After all of your drinking, the dance floor is most definitely the place to go. Located on the upper level, this dance floor is always hot; it doesn’t matter if there are 30 year olds or 18 year olds, the music is always good to dance to and the atmosphere matches it. Plus, it’s always cool to be dancing and see the DJ across on the other side of the level with white lights underneath them. The general type of music that is blasted is mainstream, with a bit of everything: hip hop, RnB, techno, and pop. It’s not the best if you’re anti-mainstream, but for the rest of us it works a treat, and there is always some song that will make you want to get up and move.

The Argyle is definitely a place that I go back to over and over again. If you want a genuinely good night out, make sure to put this spot on your ‘to-go’ list for your next Saturday night – you won’t regret it.

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