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Tea Tree Gully Hotel

1349 North East Rd, Tea Tree Gully, SA
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The Tea Tree Gully Hotel experience is something quite different from to your standard pub experience. With a Front Bar, Saloon Bar and a sensational enclosed Beer Garden for all patrons to enjoy year around. Complimentary to these three bars is a superb dining and restaurant facility for your enjoyment.

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Review of The Tea Tree Gully Hotel

Review By Laura Fazekas

At the very top of suburban North East Road lies a large busy venue named The Tea Tree Gully Hotel. Located at the very foothills amongst tall shady gum trees and large outer suburban properties, The Gully (as it’s known to northerners), has a great pub atmosphere for locals every night of the week. Then Friday night rolls around, and all the teenagers (and underages) in the area flock to the Gully for a night out on the suburban town with an easy ride from Mum and Dad, as its only open til 2am.

After waiting in the usually long line and getting your tree stamp on your wrist, you enter into the top of the huge beer garden. Shaped like a circle with a bar and lounge area at the bottom, walking along the sloped ramp up and around the beer garden allows for plenty of seating in booths and leads to a small outside area next to the dining room. Completely closed in and heated/cooled accordingly (the largest canopy in SA), this beer garden is a wicked place to chill out, with quieter music but a great ambiance of laughter and chatting resonating around.

On the other side of the circle is some stairs up to the main dancefloor and saloon bar. This is where the DJ is set up with a small stage and light display. The Gully used to boast local live bands as their entertainment on Friday nights, but as the times have changed and more demand for dance, it seems a DJ is now resident. The dancefloor is usually quite cramped later into the night, with not too much space to move around, especially when the toilets are located straight through the middle.

The drink specials at The Gully on a Friday night are always great, which suits the local northern people. The front bar offers $4 pints and $3 schooners 5-7pm weeknights and the saloon bar has happy hour 9-10pm with $6 frozen daiquiris and $4 base spirits. The Gully has plenty of promo girls giving away alcohol related prizes and competitions run throughout the night. There are sometimes theme nights with dress-ups and bikini/model competitions are held on the stage occasionally.

There are plenty of other rooms in The Gully, including pokies, a dining room, and a front bar which is usually for the older men… but The Gully always has a great crowd on Fridays, after establishing itself as one of the only destinations with a club atmosphere for a really young crowd on a main night. The main dancefloor and beer garden have plasma screens, cool lights and great decor, giving The Gully a true nightclub feel, even though it is located smack bang in the middle of the northern suburbs.

I have been to The Gully a few other nights of the week, one being for a 50th birthday on a Saturday night and a couple other times for tea on weeknights. The function I attended pretty much brought the whole crowd with them. There weren’t many other people around, but we brought the party, utilised the whole round beer garden and made the night ours.

However, I imagine the atmosphere on a usual Saturday night is pretty average. The other times have just been purely for dinner, which is amazing don’t get me wrong, but the beer garden is frequently dead, sometimes even closed.

Overall, The Gully is a great local pub/club where young teens can experience their first tastes of going out and clubbing with their parents still able to drop them off and pick them up with ease. There is even a free bus home for locals from 10pm! Once you (and your parents) get more confident, it is assumed you move on to the CBD nightclubs, and leave The Gully for the little ones. With its resident DJs, great atmosphere and club-like feel, The Gully is a great successful pub which holds its weekly club night.

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