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Tangerine Lounge

8 Whiteman St, Southbank, VIC
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Tangerine Bar & Lounge is a contemporary, relaxed place to meet friends and enjoy free live music seven days a week. Enjoy the river and city views from the terrace, plus great drink specials and exciting promotions. Tangerine Bar & Lounge is located on the Main Gaming Floor, entry is restricted to persons over 18 years.

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Tangerine Lounge Review

Review By Michelle Smart

Tangerine Lounge is a great place to chill on an adventurous and eventful night. Through the maze of gambling tables and pokie machines, Tangerine Lounge is tucked away in a tiny corner. With free entry the foot traffic keeps the atmosphere interchanging, the faces you see here are as varied and changing as those at the gambling table.

The best thing in tangerine lounge is the great view: an angular wooden veranda overlooks the winding Yarra River and the city lights. The water glosses over with candid light from the flames of the Yarra Promenade. Standing outside watching the fire towers you can literally feel the heat as these towers light up. The wooden veranda is complemented with cushiony couches that enable you to stargaze in style. Free live music and bands play seven days a week with some interesting choices to offset the relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great place to break away from the bustling and fancy place that Crown offers.

Depending on what day it is Tangerine Lounges staff are a mixture of sweet and sour; some friendly faces make sure that you are served quickly, almost with determination and fervour. But as always the image of Crown is stellar. Well stocked and branded quality alcohol here may wear down on your wallets hinges. Beer on tap is the cheapest you’ll get, however to help ease the pain and oil those hinges of your wallet, cocktails and promotions run often enough to allow you to win some great prizes such as holidays and tickets to major events. Sipping your way to a holiday sounds like a great way to spend a night out. Just ask the staff about what promotions are running. Wide range of spirits (dark and light) will cost you about $9 and their cocktails are a mean mix.

Despite the downer on drinks Crown’s Tangerine Lounge is a sweet treat, with the moon and your mates as good company Tangerine lounge should be the place you reach after exploring a night out and around South bank.

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