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Swish Bar

150 North Tce, Adelaide, SA
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With events held Fridays and Saturday nights, Swish bar is one of the standout destinations in Adelaide’s bustling nightlife scene. Whether your heading for a big Friday night on the town with work colleagues or heading out with friends Saturday, Swish is well worth a visit. Check the website out for event details

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Review of Swish Bar

Review By Laura Fazekas

At the bottom of one of Adelaide’s most prestigious hotels lies a smart casual club with great DJs, a great young crowd and a great look. Swish on Terrace is a great FREE Friday night venue, with Requestfest and Nothing but 90s a common theme, so you can belt out all the anthems. Swish is also a regular on pub crawls, a great place to finish up with good drink specials still going.

I’ve been to Swish on many occasions, either after a Friday at work, or later at night with a large group, and it never disappoints. Most of the time there is a small line-up, but it never takes long to get through the double doors into the bustling, bright nightclub. You first walk in to the quieter half of Swish, with plenty of comfy seats, small bar stools and a lounge area with vending machines. Straight ahead is the outdoor area through floor to ceiling glass. The outdoor area overlooks North Tce, the Casino and the Stamford hotel entry, which allows for many conversations over the balcony to fellow clubbers passing by.

The other half of the club is facing the DJ up on stage, often many young girls joining him up there and dancing away. The TV screens show 90s film clips on Friday nights, which are great for a laugh, and more recent clips on Saturday nights with other screens displaying photos of recent clubgoers.

The bar is always pumping, stretching for half the length of the club, and the drinks flow easily as the bartenders perform funky tricks while shaking cocktails. There are always great drink specials at Swish, especially the 2-for-1 base spirits. I always grab my 2 drinks when I can and take a seat in the lounge area with a couple of friends. Then we hit the dance floor, where you always bump in to someone you know!

The toilets are conveniently (or inconveniently for some) through the pokies area, and are often manned by security which is a great sign. The pokies is a frequent conversation area, as its one of the only places you can hear people through your phone! Also many small gatherings take place here, while the pokies make a dollar or two while boyfriends wait for their girls to finish in the bathroom. Swish also does great food service, so if you feel like having dinner beforehand, this place is perfect. And they continue serving until 9pm; so if you’re there early enough, try one of the Magnificent 7 Burgers, they are awesome with chips and a beer!

Overall, Swish is a great smart nightclub in which clubbers can relax, gather outside, play the pokies, marvel at the bartenders and hit the dance floor all in the one place. Swish is perfect for after work drinks, dinner, pub crawls or a girl’s night out, suiting people of all ages with all drink tastes. I would definitely add Swish to my next weekend night out in Adelaide.

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