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Subiaco, Perth

Subiaco Hotel

465 Hay St, Subiaco, WA
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To start with, it is listed in the Australian Hotel Associations hall of fame for 2001, 2002 and 2008 so it goes without saying that this place offers more then drinks and food… it offers an experience. As one of the outstanding venues in Perth, the

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The Subiaco Hotel Review

Review By Lauren Dunn

The Subiaco Hotel is considered one of Perth’s finer locations, situated on the corner of Hay Street and Rockeby Road, Subiacos’ liveliest streets. The hotel consists of two bars and an exquisite restaurant, everything you need all in one location. The Subi Hotel provides for those who appreciate the finer things in life but still know how to have a good time!

The cocktail bar adds a new and stylish vide to the old world charm of the Subiaco hotel. The cocktail bar attracts a young trendy crowd who reflect the chic decor that is the perfect backdrop for sipping a on wide range of contemporary cocktails all at $16 each. The cocktail bar is also ideal for a pre dinner cocktail as it adjoins the award-winning restaurant. The restaurant has a mouth-watering menu with prices ranging from an average of $18 for an entree to $30 for a main. You certainly wont be disappointed, whatever your choice may be!

Bianca’s bar has the original classic, old world charm that is the Subiaco Hotel. It consists of an old-fashioned front bar, where you can always find businessmen enjoying an afternoon beer eyes fixed to one of the plasmas situated around the bar. With a selection of ten beers on tap, live entertainment and pool tables, Bianca’s bar is the ultimate boys club bustling on any night of the week.

No matter what day of the week, the Subiaco Hotel is always bustling. With the constant flow of a young cosmopolitan crowd mixed with the businessmen and women of Hay Street you can always be guaranteed an exciting time at the Subi!

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A 2nd Subiaco Hotel Review

Review By Samantha Azele

As soon as you get into Subiaco you know you are in what my mother describes as a “nice area”. There are more cafes and boutiques than you can shake a stick at. On a normal Sunday Subi is usually laid back and quiet, aside from a few people having lunch and squeezing in a couple of drinks before the dreaded MONDAY rears its ugly head yet again. But this was not an ordinary Sunday; after a victorious day at the footy we had a legitimate reason to celebrate! My husband and I decided to follow the masses, and they led us straight to the Subiaco Hotel.

I was a bit apprehensive about going in because I had had a bad experience with an overzealous bouncer. I recognised him from across the road and it all came rushing back to me: Saturday night, the queue, the interrogation about my afro wig and the little speech about dress standards that ensued. (Mind you my afro was not luminous yellow or hot pink, it was black!… sure it was biggish but it could have been my hair.) Anyway after a curt nod, a grunt that I think means hello in mean bouncer language, we were allowed into the bar. I suppose the all-important dress standards don’t apply on a Sunday evening. Note to self. Everyone was dressed very casually; I think I even saw a few guys wearing thongs!The staff inside are much friendlier and welcoming, the place was busy and they were doing their best to serve people as quickly as possible and smiling! The atmosphere at the Subi is mixed, there is a dining area which looks very elegant, with high ceilings, warm cream and brown decor and soft lighting it would be perfect for a formal evening or just a nice dinner.

The bar is split into three sections, there is a beautiful garden area where you can sit and order dinner, drinks or snacks from their bar menu. On a warm balmy night the garden is a popular option. There is a section with couches and comfortable looking sofas in dimly lit corners; it’s open and airy with strategically placed fans but still very cosy. There are many people sitting in this lounge area looking like they are having smart meaningful conversations.

The music is not overpowering so you can actually talk without having to lean in and yell into the other person’s ear. The front of the bar is where people can sit on stools and watch sports on one of the several flat screen TVs, and the music in this area is more main stream and the crowd a bit more animated. I’m impressed by how such a small place can cater for such a diverse crowd; there is even an area to play pool and an old arcade video game machine. Overall the design of the place is old colonial style, complete with dark wooden floors, a fireplace and a staircase that leads to some forbidden mystery area.

I was excited to note that they have an extensive cocktail menu that’s split into three sections; there’s a Classic, Wide awake and Latest menu. All the cocktails are $16 and the bar menu ranges from $7.50 for garlic bread to $25 for a cheese platter. A lot of the wines on their list are from WA Margret River and New Zealand. The Subiaco Hotel is a perfect place to start a big night out or a more subdued session depending on your taste.

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