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Sorry Grandma

590 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC
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Sorry Grandma! is an asylum of pleasure situated deep in the belly of Melbourne’s off colour entertainment precinct, King Street. Only a year old, Sorry Grandma! is renowned the world over for its ultra cool but super steamy party atmosphere that is fueled by the very best music offering in the city. Open until seriously late, and with the best international and local DJs booked to rock the majestic Disco upstairs or the intimate Parlour downstairs… we offer the best of all worlds. Designed by Michael Delany of Honkytonks, plus the most fabulous music talent in Australia right now, this is a club where it all comes together extraordinarly well. Whether it’s for an evening cocktail, a furious dance work out or a late night hook up, Sorry Grandma! is the place.

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Sorry Grandma! Review

Review By Suzan Mustafa

When one of Melbournes most loved nightclubs – Honky Tonks closed its doors and served its final drink, no one could have imagined what the clubs designer Michael Delany had in store for Melbourne party-goers. Nearly marking a year since opening, Sorry Grandma! has become one of the most renowned venues in Melbourne.

With a quirky ‘Alice in Wonderland’ environment; Sorry Grandma! is filled with cups of tea, posies of flowers, gigantic flounced curtains and vintage styled furnishings. So, there is no doubt that the Grandma-theme has been pushed to the edge here. But then you’ll notice the googly-eyed portraits along the walls, glistening disco balls and theatrical staging around the venues double dance floors, where without doubt all the main action takes place. What makes Sorry Grandma! even more appealing is the array of well-known DJs who feature, playing a range of commercial house and funky disco classics that your grandma definitely wouldn’t refuse boogying to.

There is nothing to be Sorry about when it comes to the clubs reasonable drink prices. The cocktails would send any grandmother to her grave, as they don’t just come in glasses they are served in litres! Make sure you try the Blueberry Tea Long Cocktail – the combination of amaretto and orange pekoe flavouring will send your senses wild. Also, be warned; the cocktail shenanigans can get out of control in the early hours of the morning. So make sure you have the partying-stamina of a Marie Antionette or Rasputin to join in on all the cocktail havoc.

Sorry Grandma! even accommodates for the less-light footed as it offers spacious and luxurious booths with its own curtains to secure some privacy. The booths even have their own exclusive drink menu where the finest champagnes including Dom Perignon Vintage 2000 can be ordered. So if you’ve done your dash on the dance floor and want to kick off your heels for the night, you can reside in the booths and still enjoy a drink or two with good company.

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD on Little Bourke Street; Sorry Grandma! offers a classic atmosphere, the finest drinks in Melbourne and tunes that will be sure to rekindle some memories. It truly explains why you have to get your name on the door-list well in advance so you don’t miss out on an unforgettable clubbing experience that will definitely add some photos to your albums to show the Grandchildren one day.

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