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The most well known strip club in Brisbane, Showgirls on Queen Street boasts some of the most amazing women in all of Australia. With exquisite decor and an upbeat and friendly atmosphere, the staff and patrons at Showgirls are out to have a good time. Perfect for birthdays and bucks nights, Showgirls Brisbane is a must see venue whether you are in town for a short time or a Brisbane local.

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What to Expect @ Show Girls Strip Club

By Casey May

I was out on Saturday night club-hopping with my two guy friends, who I now owe this review to because Show Girls Strip Club doesn’t let girls in unless a man escorts them! I swallowed my feminist instincts to lecture the roided up bouncer about how this is a free country and I will go where ever I choose to, without an escort! Instead, quietly fuming, I descended the creepy black staircase only to realise the liberal free country views don’t apply here, because it costs $15 to get in.

The dark club is sizeable and equipped with flashing lights. If it had a smoke machine and dance floor, Show Girls would actually be an awesome nightclub. Top 20 and dance music blasts through the club with plasma screens surrounding the walls, showing your favourite song clips.

But really, Show Girls is what I can only describe as a teenage ‘boner fest’. I know, I know – what do I expect? It’s a strip club! Well, good luck finding the girls… oh there they are!

There are two miserable girls who look as though the last place they want to be is here. They are dancing, and performing a move on stage that I can only describe as the ‘coat hanger’, where they hang from a large rotating circle that is positioned under their arms whilst holding onto their ankles. Looks tricky.

As we sit drinking the most expensive beer in the world watching the strippers, I feel increasingly like a pervert as bouncers circle us like shark bait ready to kick us out as soon as we finish our last sip of alcohol… unless of course, my mates say yes to one of these pant-less girls that harass my male friends with lap dance prices which start from $50 for 15 minutes.

Half way through our drinks, my sulking companions say they are bored but I convince them to stay for five more minutes so we can at least say it only cost us a $1 a minute.

If you are 18 years old, have plenty of money, want a game of pool or to play pinball machines in a dark nightclub with your mates and your already really drunk, you’ll have a great time! (Warning: leave your girlfriend at home, this is not a female friendly zone). Otherwise take my advice and either catch a cab to B Confidential in Spring Hill, where you will be treated like royalty, or spend your $15 in The Valley buying a happier girl vodka and raspberry drinks in the hope she’ll get naked for you later.

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