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Shore Club

36 – 38, South Steyne, Manly, NSW
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A 3 story entertainment venue comprising of 3 state of the art sound-systems, the latest in lighting technology and an eclectic stylish decor across its 3 rooms. Whether its afternoon cocktails, a bite to eat at twilight or partying the night away, there is something for all tastes in Manly’s only real nightclub. Whether your one of Manly’s stylish elite, a suit or a comfort clubber, the Shore Club has something for everyone.

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Review By Caitlin Larkworthy

Everyone knows that Manly is ‘the it’ place for the sun, the sand and the surf during the hot summer days. Property developers are soon realising that Manly can be so much more then just a beach. By night, this fantastic seaside beauty is now fast becoming part of Sydney’s night life party thanks to the recent development of its Shore Club, opposite the main beach.

My friend Alex and I decided that staying home on a Friday night was just not an option. So – like we always do when girls just want to have fun – we slipped into our high heels and girly dresses and headed for the beach. Hearing fantastic things about the newly developed Shore Club, we wandered down the Corso, eyes bulging from excitement.

For people who don’t know Shore Club, it is a three storey haven. Before its upgrade the bottom level was the restaurant, where the best pizzas on Manly’s shore line could be found. The second and third levels were the bar levels. There was never much room to dance, or really move with all the couches and booths around the edges, so really the name “Shore Club” didn’t fit.

The line wasn’t long at all when Alex and I arrived at 10.30pm. Giddy with anticipation, we quickly retrieved our ID’s and pranced on in. We could hear the music pounding as we glided down the hall past the bottom floor and up the stairs. It was beautiful. The second level had been transformed into dancers’ playroom. On one edge were couches comfortably lining the wall and on the other a boxed in retreat for those who want a bit of privacy. Dancers could now show their wild side with two poles on platforms sitting on either side of the room.

We danced our way to the bar to order two vodka lemon and limes. This was about the time we realised our night was going to be a little pricey as we found that one drink would come to cost us $9.50. For a drink that everywhere else would cost you $7.00, we thought it was a little much. We made our way to the top level and realised that you can’t place a price on the view – the way the moon delicately lit the water was entrancing. It was then that Alex lit her cigarette and we both mutually agreed in silence that this place was beautiful.

Couches circled the rooftop level, creating an essence of sophistication, which was being enjoyed by groups of youthful friends, laughing and having a drink. The crowd seemed pleasant and having fun and I believe it was because of the atmosphere created by the cross between stunning beauty of the beach and party hard attitude of the middle floor.

As we decided to pack it in for a night, we passed the bottom floor and begun to move and shake. They had not only transformed the top two levels but the bottom floor had become a club within itself. The bar sat surrounded by dancers giving their all to the music. We soon found that not only was the music pounding in our heads but our feet were throbbing in our heels and thought it was time for a rest. Making our way out the door, we felt exhilarated and playful. The new Shore Club was elegantly designed and dressed making a perfect combination between classy and tropical… the only way to describe this seaside wonderland.

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