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A few short mins from the CBD and Northbridge, the Rosemount has held some of the city’s most fondly remembered gigs, showcasing international artists and awesome local bands on its spacious and well equipped stage. Having said all this, the Rosemount Hotel has much more to offer then just music, with a delicious lunch and dinner menu, including weeknight specials from Monday to Thursday. The Rosemount offers a huge outsiide area, a comfortable dining room and a retro function room with its own private bar that caters for personal and corporate events.

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The Rosemount Hotel Review

Review By Hamish Hastie

Perth’s mecca for live music has all that and more on offer. You become inundated by the personality The Rosemount harbours within its painted walls. Large, loud and busy, this place doesn’t take itself too seriously and you’re guaranteed a good time.

When I first walked into this place I was astonished by the size. On a busy Friday or Saturday night there is just so much happening; drinks, dinner and music. Its a lot to take in but after several drinks I always settle in quite nicely.

As I mentioned, the place is huge and full of different areas that give off vastly different vibes. The beer garden is awesome; it’s the perfect outdoor setting to chill out with a DJ and sit on real grass. It’s spacious and looks purpose built to provide a Sunday session to end all Sunday sessions. The inside of the hotel is where you can listen to the next up and coming talent. The Rosemount is famous for allowing pre-famous bands to grace it with their presence and who knows? You could be seeing the next international hit-makers in action. I’m fairly certain I haven’t thoughThe corner bar is where the interior designers flexed their muscles and put odd shaped chairs and plasmas everywhere.

It’s cool and a great place to get fed (at a reasonable price), play some pool, watch sport and listen to music.The Rosemount’s patrons are a friendly crowd, wanting mostly to listen to the music and drink. Although there is no strict dress code, everyone seems as if they enjoy a shower or two throughout the week and some even dress to impress. If there is a certain act on the night you go, there will probably be a noticeable difference in personalities. So, if you’re not into death metal, maybe give the death metal night a miss?

The energy of the place is infectious. With a band belting out on the stage I couldn’t help but tap my foot and order another round. People get into it after a while and there is ample room to dance. It really is a great environment for a night out.

Prices are reasonable, during the week there’s all sorts of lunch and dinner specials and drinks are lower than most of the clubs in Perth. I think it’s also especially necessary to mention that Wednesday is student night and if you’re like me and value every penny, you can get all kinds of cheap food and drink deals. Beers and wines sit at $6 and above while you can get spirits for $7 plus. A cover charge might apply to get inside the hotel when there is a special act on but generally entry is free.

If you want a relaxed night and the ability to enjoy Perth’s beautiful weather in a great outdoor setting then strongly consider The Rosemount. It’s situated close to Perth and can easily be used as somewhere to start your night.

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A 2nd Rosemount Hotel Review

By Andrea Downey

Oh, The Rosemount Hotel (or The Rosie as it is more affectionately known)… where do I begin? It is fun, it attracts the most interesting people, it is upbeat but yet relaxing at the same time and overall it is just awesome.Situated in North Perth, only slightly away from the hustle and bustle of Perth’s most popular and busiest clubs, The Rosie attracts a fairly decent crowd itself. The chilled out, lazy-day atmosphere of the outside beer garden matched with the upbeat and loud atmosphere coming from the live bands inside the venue work perfectly in providing something for everyone to enjoy.

The inside of the venue, where the live bands play, is fantastic. Not only is the bar service great and the seats provided are stationed perfectly to view the stage but the sound that the venue provides is great! It’s no wonder bands love playing there!

Another thing that makes The Rosemount so good is the unique decor. The outside beer garden is as you would expect it to be: there are benches and tables and pool tables, but the best thing is the posters that are stuck all around the bar and the old yet funky signs hung everywhere! It makes it feel like your stepping back in time – very retro! This is one if my favourite aspects. Inside is just as cool; they have dark red curtains delicately hanging around the stage area and the carpet matches the curtains. It looks almost like a gothic style, but in the funkiest way I’ve ever seen.As you have probably already guessed, I have had a love affair with this venue since the first time I went. There is just something about its pub-like feel on a larger scale that keeps luring me back every time. Never before though, even though I’ve been a student for three years, have I taken advantage of the awesome atmosphere and cheap drinks that The Rosemount offers to us poor students.

The prices on student night are totally awesome. The manager of The Rosie clearly has an understanding of “student poverty”! Student night offers $5 vodkas and $10 jugs – and the best part is that there are no limitations as to which beer you choose or what you mix your vodka with. You could pick the most expensive beer and still only pay $10 for a jug. It is a brilliant idea which, from what I saw, is clearly working in the venues favour because the turn-out of patrons was pretty big.

Even when it isn’t student night the drink prices are fairly cheap, depending on what you buy. A glass of vodka lemonade is usually about $7 or $8 and a jug of cheap beer starts at about $12. They also run promo nights such as $12 steak and chicken parmy night and $10 pizza nights so keep your eye out for those because The Rosie puts out some good food to match your cheap drinks.

Whether you want to chill out with friends or watch a great live band The Rosemount Hotel has it all in one place. There is always something interesting going on at the venue, you can see upcoming events for yourself on their event calendar on their website. Student night happens every Wednesday for those of you (like me) who are poor students looking for a fun time that doesn’t send you broke. I certainly recommend it.

If you like a fun, never-a-dull-moment place to go, away from the hustle and bustle of popular clubbing areas The Rosemount Hotel is the place for you, I guarantee it.

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