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Prahran Hotel

82 High St, Prahran, VIC
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There’s some stunning art deco design (thanks to our architects and builders) but from the cellar of the pub beats a very simple rhythm: great food, great beers and even better conversation. Upstairs is a lounge with DJs and plenty of intimate spaces for functions and get-togethers. To the side of the public bar is this little gem, complete with its own bar, booth & stool-height dining table. Book it out exclusively or just roll up, grab a nook and settle in. To the rear of the public bar is an intimate section of stool height dining tables that cater for between four and six people each. The space has its own bar, lounge and open fire. Tables can be booked or just rock in and try your luck.

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What To Expect @ The Prahran Hotel

Review By Alex Kibby

The Prahran Hotel has recently undergone a major renovation, which has resulted in young, hip and modern décor, while still maintaining an old Melbourne pub feel on the exterior. Its prime location, close to Chapel Street, means it attracts a mid 20s-mid 30s crowd, and is a great place for after work drinks. It spans over three floors; so one is able to get a table in the corner, away from the crowds, as well as a bench seat close to the bar. Music in the background is a decent mix of recent and old hits, and is played at a reasonable volume, so one doesn’t have to yell to be heard to the person next to them!

There is ample space upstairs, with large tables, enabling group and business meetings to be able to take place in a comfortable environment. The airy space makes it an enjoyable place to grab a bite to eat for dinner and lunch in summer, or meet friends for a drink at any time. The courtyard ensures that it is well ventilated and the whole pub is coated in sunshine throughout the day, ensuring that there is a peaceful and natural serenity throughout. The number of various indoor planets scattered throughout the venue again add to the outdoor/plant element.

Some of the tables offer good views down to the street, with circular windows it almost feels as if one is on a boat. Dress is smart casual, and offering a variety of cocktails, it’s a step up from your average hotel (pub). The food is slightly basic, though still enjoyable for a reasonable price, and again is more then your average pub grub. Going for lunch on Friday, I found there was a slight lack of atmosphere, however come the weekend there is defiantly a greater buzz.

On Friday at 5pm, they offer the unique ‘Karma Keg’ – a keg that is opened by the hotel, and is consumed by after work crowd by donation. It is up to the customer how much they will donate to the keg. This is certainly a very different concept, which I have never seen offered before.

The Prahran Hotel is definitely worth visiting with a group of friends. To enjoy a simple meal at a reasonable price or a cocktail, one can enjoy themselves sitting down on one of the various tables, at the bar, or standing in the courtyard. The best time I would recommend to visit would be during the weekend so as one can enjoy the atmosphere that is sometimes lacking throughout the week.

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