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Perseverance Hotel

196 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC
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Trading now for over 100 years, the Perseverance is a Brunswick Street icon. With its welcoming pub feel and look during the week and weekend days, fantastic courtyard, function areas, great dining, Uni nights and a transformation to a party atmosphere on the weekend; the Perseverance has something for everyone.

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The Perserverance Hotel Review

Review by Andrew Bishara

At first, I was sceptical that a “90’s night” might actually be worth my dollars and cents – seriously, who would want to listen to Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys? But as the lads and I stumbled into the Perseverance nightclub that elusive Friday night, we thought we found the place.

It was roughly 9.30 when we gazed upon the “Persa”. The queue was short and the bouncers were friendly – ushering us in with ease. Luckily, we had entered the venue at that hour, for when we left (was its 1.30am? Or 2.30am? Not entirely sure) the line was as far as the eye could see. It deemed to us that entering the “Persa” early rather than later is probably best.

So why the love? The Perseverance is an easy going place. The dress-code is simple: T-shirts and jeans would get you in, however anything that would make you look like your giving off a shifty vibe – shirts, ripped jeans your bounded to get knocked back. As for the ladies, well, ladies can pretty much get in anywhere! You’ll see that the Perseverance has that pub-ish feel to it; however with the many couches, and the dance floor in the centre of the room, it feels as if you’re in a nightclub.

Perseverance has the relaxed atmosphere, until the party really kicks in! As the night goes on, the music gets louder and Britney will be banging against your eardrums. But rest assured, the outside courtyard is fantastic. Whether for smokers or people just kicking back, the courtyard is great for chilling.

But inside is where it’s at. With 90s music rocking it, you’ll find yourselves dancing to the beat. As the classics come rolling in and your brain remembering the songs that you once danced too, you’ll see that you’re on the dance floor longer than you expected to be!

In terms of “dollars and cents”, the Perseverance is fantastic for the cheap drinks that they offer. However, while you’ll pay around $5 for your scotch and coke at 9.55pm, once the clock ticks over 10pm you’ll be back paying the regular of around $8.50.

However, while we felt the love, there are those pesky little things that can ruin your night. The place does get crowded – very crowded. It amazing as, the majority of the people inside would be aged 18-21 years old. The young crowd means those older people longing for place to bring the memories, will find themselves stuck with the younglings, and hearing them yelling “who sings this song?”

Also, the bar in the small, and the with the dance floor so close to it, visitors will find themselves ordering drinks with someone dancing next to them. More so, when the Perseverance gets packed and crowded, you’ll be scrambling for drinks and with everyone pushing in, it becomes a battle. So best, walk around to the other side of the bar; away from the dance floor, it will be easier.

As we walked out of the “Persa” (still trying to remember if it was 1.30am or 2.20am) we thought we have found the place. The Perseverance is a great place if you want to kick back, dance to the beats of the ‘90s. While it might be cheap and easy going, it does become a little crowded and overwhelming. But whether it’s relaxing, partying or trying to remember those damn Britney lyrics, the Perseverance should suit everyone’s needs.

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A Second Review of The Perserverance Hotel

Review by Kaitlyn Bennett

Sick of the taxi trip robbing you of half your spending money for the night? This problem can easily be avoided when visiting the Perseverance Hotel in Fitzroy. Situated only ten minutes from the CBD and under thirty minutes from Melbourne’s northern/western suburbs, cheap taxi fares or short tram rides are what’s on offer this Friday night. If you’re a nineties child, Friday ’90s nights are the way to go if you’re after a mix of modern hits as well as a selection of your tween favourites (think Aqua and Backstreet Boys). Met with immense popularity, Friday’s ’90s night always comes with a side of required… Perseverance. You’ll often find yourself having to wait outside in line for extended periods of time (my record is forty five minutes). But never fear, the body temperature inside will thaw you out in minutes. Entry is free, which just means you can keep that cash for your first drink, orperhaps your greasy cravings the next morning.

The interior has antique finishings with high ceilings, which almost contributes to an epic house party vibe. The bar is situated close to the dance floor which often almost results in beer showers, however the space towards the back of the hotel and the outside courtyard means you have space to go if you wish. Drinks are reasonably priced, especially earlier in the night. The close proximity on the dance floor somewhat enforces everyone to dance together (no packs here), however this only contributes to the friendly atmosphere and creates good opportunities for patrons seeking a dancing partner. Pool tables for the gamers and generous amounts of outdoor seating for the girls wearing in those stilettos are also on offer.

So if you’re seeking a fun and affordable night out, or perhaps it’s been too long since your last performance of Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’, then give Perseverance a go, most visitors seem to return for a second helping.

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