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Circular Quay, Sydney

Paragon Hotel

Cnr Loftus and Alfred Strs Cirquular Quay, NSW
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A favourite watering-hole for local businesses, the hotel has been frequented by city residents and waterfront workers for generations. The Hotel has a traditional open-plan public bar and courtyard on the ground floor plus a stylish cocktail bar upstairs,complete with full PubTAB facilities and giant plasma screen

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Review by Kassia Byrnes

It’s that time of year when the cold wind makes snuggling in bed with a warm drink seem like the ideal Saturday night, but it’s also the time for the Sydney Vivid Festival and I couldn’t resist seeing Circular Quay all done up with pretty lights.

Dragging out my warmest winter clothes I braved the weather and met a few friends. Circular quay was beautiful but the wind was chilling and the crowds were hard to fight, so it was time to get a drink.

We walked back to a bar I had seen on the way in, The Paragon Hotel. It was right next to one of the buildings being used as a light display so tonight we had a top view. The Paragon Hotel is everything you’d expect from a pub and nothing you’d expect in Circular Quay late on a busy Saturday night.

Although slightly more dressed up then your local pub, there really isn’t much difference. The brightly lit downstairs had high tables and high wobbly stools surrounding the bar. Upstairs shorter tables and pool tables are arranged next to the kitchen, and the whole room is doused in mood lighting. An old-school soundtrack was playing over the stereo including ‘Low’ and ‘Man-eater’ in its repertoire.

The place was quiet, surprisingly so, considering you could hardly move in the street outside for all the people. The majority of people who had ventured into the bar were around late 30s, but there was a mix of several generations. Maybe it was just the contrast of the quiet inside to the crowds outside, but it had a very laid back vibe.

The service was quick and friendly and the meals were decent with a typical mix of classic pub food and random Asian dishes ranging from $8 for wedges to $22 for steak. Unfortunately the cocktail list was short and not worth the $15 we paid for them. I would defiantly suggest sticking to a beer or glass of wine.

Paragon is the place to go if you’re after something quiet, quick and simple. If not it’s probably best not to include it in your night out.

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