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Oxford Tap House

77 Oxford St, Bulimba, QLD
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Located outside the Oxford Street Hub, the Oxford Tap House presents a calm and relaxing vibe and caters for those looking for a tranquil setting and the taste of something different.

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Oxford Tap House

Review by James Breene

The Oxford Tap House is a suburban hideaway where you can find a tasty brew and menu to match. Located outside the Oxford Street Hub, the Tap House presents a calm and relaxing vibe whether you’re out on the deck watching the cars drive past or inside enjoying the cosy atmosphere. The Tap House specialises in a range of seasonal craft beers and menu of great tasting share-food.

Operating since November 2014, the Tap House Caters for those looking for a tranquil setting and the taste of something different. Best suited for the composed drinker, the Tap House has generated a local crowd perfect for members of the Bulimba, Balmoral, Hawthorne, and Morningside area. Those living in regions across the river in New Farm, Teneriffe and Newstead find it easy to jump on the ferry and make the short walk up to the bar.

The atmosphere changes throughout the week with weekdays best suited to the laidback crowd. Friday afternoons and the weekend have a stop-by atmosphere where drinkers are able to stay for a few beers after work or in the afternoon and make their way to the restaurants further up the street.

What puts the Tap House aside from other venues is there all-Australian beer selection. Their independently owned beer taps pump out seasonal brews from a range of distributors. Beer taps change every week dependant on the popularity of what’s on offer. Red, black, and darker beers are offered during the winter months whilst during the warmer months summer ales and fresh Indian Pale Ales are more popular. The Tap House sources small 30 keg batches of craft beers that gives them an exclusive range and helps support local brewers.

The menu, extensive and based on share foods, offers a great range. Highlights include the platters, braised pork belly, and beef cheeks. Best suited for groups of four and five, customers are able to get a few different plates on the table and try a range of enticing foods.With no TVs around, customers prefer to mix with each other; it creates a great energy and vibe where customers get to interact as opposed to just looking at a screen. The local theme is continued fortnightly with Wednesday trivia, great for those looking for a midweek reprieve. It’s a comfortable local where music isn’t blaring and interaction is easy with the share-based menu and the taste-orientated drinks.

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