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Orient Hotel

89 George St, Sydney, NSW
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One of the oldest hotels in The Rocks offers a four distinct areas available for functions, with a space for every event, from formal dining to cocktail parties and glamorous nightclubbing with harbour views. Wiith an amazing street bar known for its live music and the Orion nightclub pumping upstairs, the Orient Hotel has something for everyone and has cemented its place in The Rocks clubbing precinct.

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The Venue That Lives Up To It’s Reputation

Review by Ben King

Let me start this by enlightening those not familiar with the Orient Hotel with its reputation of being the pickup destination of choice for the 30s and above. Well known amongst Sydney locals, the Orient Hotel has been the venue of choice for many a messy night out. Needless to say a night at the Orient Hotel is never boring and this one was no different.

As many Sydney based bar and nightclub enthusiasts will attest, the Orient Hotel is rarely the place you start at (it’s the place you end up at). Our night was no different with our group of guys spending the night up the road at the Argyle Hotel, until we were politely asked to leave at about 12.30am for being absolutely wasted.

Ironically, our state is almost a prerequisite for heading to the Orient Hotel. By the time we got there, the place was already kicking off with the dance floor packed with 30 something’s looking for a bit of fun. Don’t be under any illusions, this is not the place to go if you are looking for style, elegance and sophistication. It’s the place you go to if you are looking to have something to talk about (or someone to talk with) the next morning)

Although it is touted as a pub, the place is in fact a nightclub with the dance floor erupting with lovers of live rock music. As one would expect of a venue of this nature, the drinks are cheap as and the service very quick, so quick so that he managed to lean against a glass door, and promptly fall straight out the door. Thankfully, the Orient is so unpretentious that the bouncer dusted him off and let him back in. If one was to summarise the aura of this place, then that is pretty much it.

For the lovelorn or designated drivers, there are full TAB facilities, which funnily enough is the destination of choice for many patrons who just can’t seem to get lucky on the dance floor.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t remember much of the night other than to say that if you are heading to the Orient Hotel (be it planned or unplanned), this is a pretention free zone and a top place if you love live music.

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