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One Six One

161 High St, Prahran, VIC
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Onesixone is a relatively small and extremely lush late night venue that is designed to provide a comfortable, beautiful and interesting space for the good people of Melbourne to socialise, mingle, listen and sometimes dance whist receiving friendly and professional hospitality that is second to none. The staff and owners of the venue have built an atmosphere where everyone who comes feels welcome to relax and enjoy the environment with respect and courtesy for everyone around them.

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One Six One BarReview

Review By Melissa Zheliba

ATTENTION movers and shakers!

You know what they say: good things come to those who wait. I spent one Thursday testing this theory by waiting in the line for the club that dances by numbers: onesixone. Sadly, though, that foreboding word on the street that warns patrons to ‘be careful what they wish for’ is similarly fulfilled.

Unfortunately, the Thursday night headline ‘SHAKE SOME ACTION’ boasted by onesixone would be better headed with a focus on the fine print. Although attendance from a varied crowd is accepted, it seems that onesixone has what it takes to float the boats of only a niche audience. Other wayward sailors may find themselves looking overboard, with sinking hearts.

Upon reaching your destination, please take note of the necessity of an early and orderly arrival; the line is going to be long. This I was warned of, however I was not aware that in opting to be prompt and saving myself 45 minutes of improvised, insincere conversation, I automatically subjected myself to more tedious waiting until the dance floor kicks off. Appearing nothing but nonchalant to typical rules, in this regard onesixone goes by the book. It’s a simple formula – the later, the more fashionable.

And speaking of fashion it seems that image is everything. If you want to look the part you are again going to have to play by the rules and get your head around the ambiguous paradox of dressing like you are allergic to anything mainstream, yet abiding by the communal, indie rocker uniform. And it’s not merely unspoken law that enforces this clause, before when entering you are surveyed and politely told to “leave and get changed” if you are a male exhibiting a v-neck.

So essentially, if you actually make it inside you deserve some kind of congratulation. The rumours are true: there is a light up dance floor, but unless you are a part of a clique you prepared earlier, the colourful, flashing light at the end of the tunnel is unduly obstructed. There is plenty of seating, which is somewhat quaint for a club where the main attraction is the dance floor. Despite being spread over two levels, the atmosphere is permeated by confinement. The DJ’s turntables are dominated by disco hits, which induce the urge to merrily sing-a-long as opposed to surrendering wholly to the music.

The bitter taste of insincerity, for me, could not be superseded even with the enabler of alcohol and the live band provided preceding the opening of the dance floor. You can, however, be you a sinner or a saint, go to ‘heaven in a cup’ for only $15, or take advantage of the $3 pots, $5 vodkas, $9 Mojitos, $5 Agwa & Skittle bombs and find paradise elsewhere. Get excited by the fact that you can get on a list and be out of pocket only $6, be you an insider or an outcast. Failing that, cough up the extra couple of bucks and test your luck… onesixone may just be your magic number.

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Shake Some Action (Thursday nights at onesixone) Review

Review by Felicity Cantwell

Dark and hidden in the heart of Chapel Street, onesixone swells to life on Thursday nights when we Shake Some Action. Hidden by an innocuous hairdresser’s sign during day, this strangely retro place attracts the coolest of Melbourne’s youth at sundown.

Walk through the door and, if you’re lucky enough to hear a guest list in the line or have a friend promoting, get in for 10 dollars. Make your way either to the downstairs bar or the upstairs ‘Saturday night fever’ dance floor. It lights up. Seriously. Once you’re finished busting your moves to 80s, 90s and current tunes, dance over to the bar and buy a vodka raspberry, beer, or wine for under five dollars. Or just buy four for twenty dollars. Crammed with uni students, locals and any one feeling like they were born in the wrong decade, bounce along to music ranging from the Beatles to Big Boi.

Although darkly lit, the furnishings match the underground feel. Velvet couches, booths and hidden seats under the stairs, there is plenty of room to discuss current affairs and awesome music. Although the downstairs smoking area is quite minimal, if you are lucky enough to make it up to the VIP smoking area, with awesome fluoro wristbands mind you, walk through another small room into a bar and a rooftop littered with lights palm trees and vintage tunes. All perfect for a summer night in the city.

If you do choose to make your way to this pumping waterhole, make sure you get in early. In early summer onesixone is overcrowded with relieved students finished for the year, and ready to party early. So if you feel like getting nostalgic, or lost in a decade you weren’t lucky enough to be born into, hop down to onesixone on Thursday, demolish the disco dance floor, make the most of the cheap drinks and have a super fun onesixone Thursday.

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