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Ocean One Bar

1 Manning St, Scarborough, WA
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The best surf bar in WA!!! Open 7 days a week, classy and chilled out atmosphere. Amazing Ocean views Come see us at 1 Manning Street Scarborough for sunset and a delicious cocktail. A great place for a big one or a chilled out Sunday session, no matter what the occasion, Ocean One is the place to be.

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Review By Jayde Galvin

Perth’s West has a new hotspot. Ocean One opened for business in early 2010, and has boomed all year. The small bar is located right on the Scarborough Beach Front, bringing a much welcome clean, relaxed and fun nightlife to life in the suburb again. The bar is a surfer’s bar, surfboards and surfing memorabilia litter the walls and the bar’s decor represents a cool ocean theme. The bar offers the perfect beachside option for weekday afternoon post-work drinks or raving fun on a messy Friday or Saturday night.

The bar is pretty classy and appropriate dress codes follow with this. The bar attracts a varied age group, ranging from the real youngsters to the forty plus age group. (Not to say forty plus is old.) The drinks are fairly priced, but more than fairly enjoyable. The special cocktails offered are beautiful to look at and beautiful to drink. Attention to detail by staff is shown throughout everything they do. Another attraction is the food, pizzas, burgers, and seafood, whatever it is I can guarantee it will please.

In summer, the outside area is in the perfect place for patrons to enjoy the warm night, with a cool drink. The music played in the bar is played at a modest volume. Not loud enough to make it impossible for you to have a conversation, but loud enough to get you in the mood to dance. The relaxed and calm atmosphere means that trouble is of a little issue and that safe fun is always possible.

The bar is a perfect starting place for a big night, but also regularly becomes the ending place. Once you are there, the thought of crowded, stuffy nightclubs can be aborted. The bar has definitely satisfied Scarborough residents whom were looking for a close place to spend their time of an evening, and also re-invigorated the suburb of Scarborough’s nightlife. So, whatever your plans may be or whoever you are, Ocean One Bar can be guaranteed to offer something to you.

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