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Naked For Satan

285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC
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‘Naked for Satan’ is a Russian vodka bar specialising in Spanish tapas and in-house infused spirits. Situated on Melbourne’s grungy Brunswick Street, ‘Naked for Satan’ holds a rich history dating back to the 1930’s depression era. The walls posses a working chic feel, with exquisite lighting and vintage photos of naked women complimenting the jazz funk echoed throughout the space. A boutique bar that prides itself on fine service with a personality kick, ‘Naked for Satan’ is sure to please even the most of fussiest vodka connoisseurs.

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Naked for Satan Review

Review by Graham Turner

Naked For Satan is an interesting venue. That’s neither a vague or ambiguous statement in terms of Brunswick St watering holes. Upon entering you’re hit with what can only be described as an artistic statement. Designed by the same creative prowess that crafted Bimbo Deluxe further down the street, you can see that the owners intention is to create a talking point.

I may be plying emphasis on the design but it’s the surrounding that makes it so appealing. My impression of not only the drinking scene in Fitzroy, but in Melbourne generally is that to be successful, to entice the niche crowds that will remain loyal to your venue, you need individuality. When you enter Naked for Satan, take in the décor and sit down and open the menu you’ll feel part of something different.

Before I start nit-picking, there’s a story behind Naked for Satan which is worth telling, so central to the premise of the venue is this story that it’s printed on the first page of the drinks menu. I won’t ruin the story with my clumsy interpretation (plus the bouncer caught me trying to walk out with the menu so I couldn’t copy it) but none the less it fuels the well thought out concept behind Naked for Satan. The validity of the story seems erroneous as you nod along in agreement and feel as though you’ve just learnt something.

Essentially though, does all this make for a good drinking spot? The answer is both yes and no. It feels like a start of the night venue with ambient background music filling the room, young professionals and a few middle age mothers with prams in tow sipping a swift sav blanc. This broad spectrum of clientele just seems to serve as a contrast to the edgy industrialist steam-punk décor. Prices won’t hit you as a surprise as you enter and acknowledge the money invested in the creation with the house vodka (Absolut) going at around $8.50, all the way to around $18 for the more top shelf options like Siwucha. Being a vodka-centric venue there’s plenty of options in-between to keep even the most discerning vodka enthusiast raising a glass to the motherland. There’s also a range of in-house infused vodkas and while this isn’t an original concept, the range of quirky flavours will definitely appeal to the “gimme something nice” crowd.

The people behind Naked For Satan know the industry better than me, that’s a fact. Bearing that in mind, my review is only applicable to the venue in its current iteration. There are rumours abound that the two levels above Naked are being turned into a rooftop oasis the likes of which Brunswick St has never seen. So go now, read the menu quickly and break the silence with an awkward date about your incredible knowledge of the buildings supposed history but otherwise watch this space.

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A Second Naked for Satan Review

Review by Lana Wilson

Naked for Satan is not your standard Brunswick Street bar. Oh no, this little gem is something so much more. Naked for Satan’s exterior is possessed by an elegant cream brick that, to the passer by eye, could dutifully be mistaken for yet another flowering vintage store. But if attention is paid to the directory, on a moist and muggy summer evening, Naked for Satan touches on all the classy notes like a seductive mistress touches on the senses – you just can’t miss it.

Allow yourself to be immersed into a world that is warm, tasty and comforting. As the doorman welcomes you through big glass doors, place your dripping umbrella in the umbrella pot to the left and glide on in to the timber-floored, brick walled bar.

Choose a table space either on the wall, on the bar stools at the back or at the tables to the front and admire the stacked crate vodka bottle installation that beams in harmony with the mechanically stylised light fittings that chaotically cuddle the ceiling.

Black and white menus with vintage photos of bare-breasted ladies in suspenders and high heels hold the together pages and pages of exotic cocktail combinations, house wines and lists of international and local tap and bottle beers on offer. The soft porn cover, at first, may be a shock to the eye – (after that alluring initial contact of elegance, the cheekiness of Satan shows!) – But enticing flavours of in-house infused vodka bring the provocative levels down to a prowl – Chilli and cherry, opium flower poppy, violet, and rose, to name a few. Beers and wines by the glass start at $5, while cocktails sit contently between $11- $18.

Naked for Satan also offers sippers a taste of Spain; with delicious Pinxtos (What the Spanish sassies of the Basque north call Tapas) priced at $2, ($1 between 12-4pm, Monday to Friday).

Slices of baguette are topped with a variety of gourmet delicacies and antipasto, such as salmon, olives, roasted peppers, exquisite cheeses and assorted meats such as prosciutto, pancetta and terrines.

What makes Satan’s bar snack different is the “keep-your-toothpick-and-pay-later” rule. So while you’re downing those delectable drops, be careful to keep a count of the number of toothpicks that you neatly stack in the corner of the table as you absently fidget with during dark, deep and meaningful chats with your fellow attendees.

Naked for Satan truly is a Fitzroy locale with a difference – the tale printed on promotional place cards suggests the original founder was a Russian migrant who went by the name of Satanovich, who distilled during the depression. However, the only sign of depression now in this boutique drinkery is perhaps the staff: While table service is at an efficiently surprising manner (drink orders are taken from your table and a tab is offered), remorseful blank stares and sullen, alternative attitudes are traded with the placing of the glass and the giving of the change.

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