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Mynt Lounge

185 Watton St Werribee, VIC
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Located in the heart of Werribee, a small space known for its fun times and random antics. A place where friendships are formed and hang over’s are born. Mynt lounge is dedicated to providing a safe, vibrant and fun environment whilst developing a strong culture amongst its cliental as the only hangout for partygoers of the western suburbs aged between 18 – 25

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Mynt Lounge Review

Review by Steven Mladenoski

Located on the main street of Werribee, an electric beaming nightclub with Melbourne’s hottest acts is not what you expect from Werribee. But Mynt Lounge delivers, on a weekly basis with a range of nights being hosted over Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Upon entrance you are exposed to the main stage and within a blink of an eye, a prophetic image of how your night will end flashes through your eyes. For most, this involves a combination of wacky dance moves, slurred singing and an uncontrollable urge to repeatedly find the nearest toilet.

After bumping and spilling your way through the main stage, you are brought to what you believe is heaven. A big, spacious beer garden full of vibrant people looking to escape the at times monotonous nature of Melbourne dance music. So comfortable you can become that at times you forget that just behind the wall you’re leaning on is a set of happy feet dancing their way into the night.

The diversity in people extrapolates itself onto the music that is delivered that can be anything from the latest dance hit, to your favourite ‘Aussie sing-along’. Mynt Lounge is notorious for delivering what other clubs can be afraid of.

The RNB room awakens after midnight, and quickly becomes a cramped and at times hot dance floor that has seen the room officially be known as the ‘sweatshop’. Clearly this isn’t a deterrent for anyone, as if you’re not one of the first in the room, it can be difficult to establish a zone that you and your mates can feel comfortable in.

The vast majority of the crowd live within a 10km radius of the club. It particularly attracts the local university student or those just finding their way into society. It becomes the nexus of where young adults can return to remind themselves of all their silly antics growing up. After a few nights at Mynt, you quickly become attached to the localised feeling of the nightclub. After all, it is officially known as the club where ‘locals get loose’.

Unusual events and random acts are part of the repertoire of Mynt Lounge. An empty dance floor is as unusual as a nightclub toilet without vomit at Mynt Lounge, and from beginning of the night to the wee hours of the morning fist do not stop pumping, and feet do not stop shuffling at Mynt Lounge.

But don’t time your run too late. Arriving at Mynt Lounge after 11pm can be fraught with danger as the locals seem to all time their run at the same time, leaving a line that is sure to take up some of your fist banging time. For a smoother run, arrive earlier.

Entry cost is $13 if using a guest list, otherwise it’s $15. This cheap price combined with the Thursday prices of $3 pots and $5 basic is sure to leave some extra cash in your wallet after a night out…for once! This extra cash usually results in the locals’ indulging in some late night pizza that is made by the lounges next door pizza shop, and it would be untraditional of any first timers of Mynt to turn a blind eye to some late night cravings.

And if you’re keen on leaving your dignity behind at Mynt Lounge (or the pizza you just ate), don’t be afraid, you might just pick up someone else’s on the way out…after all you’re in Werribee!

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