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Mooseheads Pub and Nightclub

105 London Cct, Canberra City, ACT
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A nightlcub with a difference to say the least. One of Canberra’s most popular venues for more than 15 years, expect loads of drinking and dancing. A great atmosphere and cheap drinks, it’s the place to be every night.

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Mooseheads Pub, Bar and Nightclub… No Mooses 🙁

Review by Kelly Teng

Yes, the first thing I did when I walked in was search for moose heads, and I must admit I was sorely disappointed when I didn’t see moose everywhere. What I did notice, however, was the comfy lounges, the retro music, and the pool table that gave this pub and nightclub an extremely Canadian feel. Mooseheads has the beer, the decor, and the crowd to make any person feel as thought they’ve hopped on the plane to the Great White North.

The first thing I must say is that Mooseheads is loved by Canberrans. Countless friends recommended it to me, and in its own unique way Mooseheads is a great place to spend your night. During the weekdays it presents itself as a pub for the guys to grab a quick beer after work or university, and on the weekends it transforms into a partying paradise with events such as the White Party, Pirate Party, and Super Saturdays. Mooseheads has four levels which means only one thing: four places to dance, drink, and meet all the people your heart desires.

Drinks are cheap (Of course, it’s Canberra), but only sometimes. If you want cheap drinks, then Friday is the night to go because Mooseheads has Friday Late Night Shopping, and the only shop is the bar. During the week, the cheapest drinks are Schooners, which start from $4.50. Don’t expect to do shots though: each will bite out $8 from your wallet. While this isn’t expensive for a Sydneysider, I gotta say: for a city that has $2 drinks, I was a little taken aback.

As I mentioned before, the music is retro. Tunes such as the Vengaboys popped up more than once while I was on the pub level. While this isn’t my taste, it probably suits for a great drunken dance or two. The music on the nightclub levels are better, and live bands playing on Monday and Friday nights which gives you a chance to check out the local music scene. A pool table is always fun, regardless of where you are: Mooseheads provides you with a great way to hang out with your mates, or to try and seduce that person you’ve always liked.

For a small town, the range of people that rock up to Mooseheads is what you’d expect: men or groups of friends catching up during the week, and uni students partying all into the weekend. The design of the place means that Mooseheads can give you one of two experiences: a nice, relaxing catch up session, or an all night party fest. What you make of that depends on what night you go, and who you’re with.

So for a Canada away from Canada, or a great night out in Canberra, Mooseheads is definitely worth checking out. I just have one request…Can someone (anyone) please smuggle a moose head in there?

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A 2nd Review of Mooseheads

Review by Jessie Park

A longstanding, classic landmark of the most beloved bar provides a wide range of services for folks at any age, with various interests and styles. Having started a business in 1990, the Moosehead Bar has kept a sustainable and a viable energy to keep up with the newest trend – that doesn’t always support the old, proven notion of what bars can manifest in thirty years of an old, familiar carousal, plus a disaster.

In 2002, due to a fire, this ever-popular, traditional place lost its institution yet it was rebuilt to gain the spirit of Canberrans – to be proud and publicly known. So it was born again! ‘The Moose’ literally hit its stride back in town with the four-story bar and nightclub! An exquisite style starts with the bottom floors; leading customers to a relaxed atmosphere with a display of pool tables and cosy couches. This is just a proper place for people to catch up with old mates; or make new ones with a relaxing, retro music. Sitting around the round table, playing cards, ordering booze and clamouring for excitement sound too clichéd? Then it’s a right time to investigate this versatile institution again. Go upstairs! With a heart-thumping, mind-reeling music you can feel relaxed and get along with random visitors. If unlucky, you may accidently bump into your old high school mates (a.k.a. party poopers). So high is the reputation of this place, many people report it as a dramatic spot for meeting the ex, heartbreaker, cheater and even parents. If you no longer care, then it’s fine. Guest DJs and live cover bands welcome you every weekend, playing famous remixes of classic to House and pub anthems. So you can really let go of yourself for this.

A great combination of culture and style embraces people quite amusingly, and this extravagant, four levels of entertainment works flexibly from weekdays to weekends. From mainly opening the pub service to the hard-working, thirst-quenching multitudes to operating the surprising party, Mooseheads satisfies all ongoing, dramatic desires from people successfully. Following this retrospective, integrating power of the old and new people believe that finding Mooseheads isn’t so important here. (Of course, it has always been a spontaneous, obsessive desire for people to come across this and start finding any counterfeit on the wall. Yet no one has found Mooseheads quite successfully). With Mooseheads or no Mooseheads, people still find this place quite intriguing and helpful with a range of service.

The price of food has been reasonable with a discount on special days, as always. The service is arranged differently from time to time; yet the most frequently used, well-known service given to customers is Watchout Wednesday, First Class Thursdays, Loose Moose Fridays and Super Sundays. The service mainly operated for customers is a free entry ticket, discounted drink and a selective choice of cocktail. On Thursday, people can get first class drink at the cheapest price ($4 all nights), with a great party atmosphere. On Fridays, it offers an early opening at five pm, enabling customers to order specials and every drink at a very reasonable price. The live band performs from six pm and DJs rock from 9pm, all service is available in four levels. It’s as what the old saying goes, “Moose is loose.” A real opportunity to get us loose in this beautifully-balanced, professionally-orchestrated team with service is just outta door; to welcome everyone with different styles and interests. So get yourself around this hot, kick ass entertainment for your pleasure that lasts all night long in Canberra.

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