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Mint Nightclub

Corner Lake and James Street, Northbridge, WA
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The coolest club in Northbridge, with a refreshingly familiar vibe. Indulge yourself from our deliciously decadent cocktail list and party to your favourite tunes in a playful and friendly atmosphere. With rgular Friday and Saturday events and free entry before 10pm ($5 – $10) thereafter, Perth descends on Mint Fridays for there Retro fix from the 80’s and 90’s and Saturdays for the latest RnB and commercial.

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Mint Nightclub Review

Review By Jayde Galvin

Being located in the heart of Northbridge, Perth’s party suburb, gives the Mint a reputation to live up to. However, compared to the other nightclubs that inhabit the streets of Northbridge, the Mint is very different. The Mint is one room, one small room, consisting of one small bar. Sound terrible? Think again. The staff know the limitations and therefore are very conscious of the numbers, only a lucky, small few will get into the Mint nightclub on a Friday or Saturday night. This gives the club an essence of exclusivity, and makes it very competitive and very popular. It also means, be in line early, nine at the latest.

The Mint is relatively new to Perth, and the decor shows this. Classy, clean and modern are some of the words that can be used to describe the interior of the Mint. The lounges are placed on the walls of the nightclub, away from the dance floor offering a relaxed start to the night without the annoyance of already drunk, fellow partygoers dancing and falling around everywhere. The bar may be small, but it caters for the numbers inside the club, making it easy enough to get your drink. The prices of your drinks will live up to the usual prices that you are used to, which doesn’t make them cheap, but doesn’t make them shocking to the ear either.

The people that flock to the Mint are of quite a wide variety, Some 18 year olds love it, and some over the age of 25 love it. Therefore if you get inside the crowd you will find will be quite diverse, adding to its difference from other Northbridge nightclubs, which predominantly attract the real young of the young. The dance floor gets going at around 10 to 11 at the Mint and can provide hours of fun and entertainment. The Mint always has a line that explodes onto the street that never seems to move, but if you get there early enough and get inside, good times will await you.

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A 2nd Mint Nightclub Review

Review By Justine Smith

The Mint is well known for having a theme night where you have the opportunity to explore your inner child and dress up. One such theme was Australia Day Eve: this gave the rare opportunity for partiers to dress in a singlet, shorts and thongs (the feet type). Decorated with pool/beach toys, The Mint really knows how to decorate for the occasion.

After a quick entrance (we arrived early) we headed straight for the bar. Jagerbomb – being a favourite of mine – came at the cost of $14. Watching the bartender was amazing. He certainly had some skills at pouring drinks. Who would have thought you could pour a Red Bull from your arm with no hands and not spill a drop? I was impressed. The bartender even had some awesome skills to show while pouring a Tequila shot which cost $8.

For the non-drinkers, never fear: a Lemon and Lime Bitters is only $3.

First impression of the dance floor was a surprise to me. It was quite small, especially when you compare the likes to other nightclubs in the Northbridge district, but it never felt overcrowded throughout the entire night. If you’re worried about arriving early only to find an empty dance floor, don’t worry because people will be hitting the floor at about 10.

The singlet, shorts and thongs dress code was a great success with everyone getting into the Australia Day spirit. The few girls who turned up in a tight short dress and stilettos didn’t stay long, and headed elsewhere. It was such a relief not having to worry about being stilettoed.

If there were to be a downer on the night it would have to be the wait for ordering drinks. The bartender closest to me seemed inclined in serving his friends and friends of friends before the waiting line. The bathrooms were nothing to be proud of either. With only two toilets for the girls, expect a wait. They were small and in need for a renovation.The average age of the night would have been around the 22 mark. If you get to The Mint before 10 you will not have to wait long to get inside. The free entry is a bonus. After 10 I guarantee a long and slow line.

Overall a great night to be had by all!

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