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Metropolis Concert Club

58 South Terrace, Freemantle, WA
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With 8 bars and a unique elemental theme of fire, eart, air and water, the Metropolis sets the standard in Fremantle nightlife and makes some of the bars and nightclubs on the eastern seaboard look like run-down taverns. If the venue alone isn’t enough to make you think your in Ibiza, then the event and DJ lineup will. Easily the best place in Fremantle, so if your in town, pt on your smart casual attire and head to the Metro Concert Club. $10 to get in before 11pm, $15 thereafter.

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Metropolis Concert Club Review

Review By Breeana Humphreys

In the middle of the ever chic Fremantle town and its nightlife is Metropolis Fremantle. With its four chambers each decorated to represent the elements of fire, earth, air and water, this multi-story club is the place to be on a Saturday night.

FIRE: Red-hot and full of passion, this Metropolis element gives light to the main dance floor and the bar that surrounds it. Make sure you stick with your friends while you’re burning up the floor because this place is huge. A few drinks in and encircled by smoke from the smoke machine and you will be thinking your moves are on fire! The dance/hip-hop music they play definitely aids in this thinking.

EARTH: Whether you want to rest your feet or share an intimate moment with a new (or old) friend then get in touch with nature in the earth chamber. Next to the main dance floor, the groovy curved green couches and dark wooden bar prove to be the perfect rest and refreshment stop, with the prices being pretty regular for a club.

AIR: It is a scientific fact that heat rises, so it stands to reason that the fire chamber fervour continues up to the top level, with the stage often acting as a place for up and coming talent. On a nice night breathe in the fresh air on the balcony, or just enjoy the view of Fremantle.

WATER: Just as cool as the other chambers, this is my favourite area of Metropolis Fremantle. You definitely won’t be feeling as blue as the decor as you have a drink at the bar, then either have a dance or chat with friends. On the second level, you can do it all!

Metropolis is a great place to go on a Friday or Saturday night, and they often have well known bands playing so check before you go or you may pay up to $25 for entry and not even like the band! Age wise, it definitely aims for the 18-25, with the crowd often being in the lower part of that range. Also, the dress code is enforced so wear your finest threads.

Metropolis Fremantle is open Friday 9pm-5am, Saturday 9pm-6am and Sunday 9pm-1am.

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A 2nd Metropolis Concert Club Review

Review By Andrea Downey

Fremantle is well known for its cafe strip attractions which come to life after dark with loud music and a party attitude. It is here that a popular destination by the name of Metropolis Fremantle (or “Metro’s”) is located.

Metro’s is upbeat, modern and loud. It has 8 bars and 4 chambers decorated after the 4 elements, water, fire, earth and air. I have to say the idea of having 4 chambers is fantastic. It offers diversity and a change of scenery all in the same place which is a unique idea but unfortunately, from what I saw, it wasn’t executed very well.

The decor of the different chambers is amazing; they use mood lighting to make you feel like you’re in the element. Personally I particularly like the blue lighting at the H2O bar. The thing that lets the club down is the fact that you can’t ever escape the loud and over powering music, which isn’t suited to everyone’s taste.

Overall the atmosphere that the club contains – once you get past the terrible music – is very energetic and fun. I found it hard not to dance and have fun with friends even though I didn’t like the music. Everyone just seems to be there to dance the night away and have a good time which makes night move along very fast (this may also be helped by the alcohol consumption of the patrons, myself included).

The price of the drinks at Metro’s however is fairly pricey. It makes it hard to have a good time when it costs more to buy a drink here than it does at other venues. For a bottle of beer you could be looking at $11-$12 dollars (that’s an expensive beer!) and for pre-mixed spirit bottles the price is about $8.50, about $1.50 more than you pay elsewhere. Even shots are about $9 each.

Despite the high cost to have a few drinks Metro’s still pulls in the crowds. The venue was very crowded when I was there, which made it very hot and sweaty, and the amount of toes I accidently stood on was incredible!

Overall (and I am sad to say it), although I did try to have a good night I just couldn’t. The venue was too crowded, there was no diversity in the music, and nowhere to go to escape the music for 5 minutes. The general cleanliness of things like the bathrooms was almost scary (I had to stop my friend from stepping in broken glass) and the pricey drink cost just added to the “don’t like list”. Apart from this I still really like the energetic atmosphere; there is nothing worse than going out to a venue that is completely lifeless.

If you have the money to spend and don’t mind an over-crowded dance floor with constant mainstream club music then Metro’s is definitely the place for you to dance away your weekend nights. Get your dancing shoes on!

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