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Metro City Club

146 Roe Street, Northbridge, WA
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A strictly stylish affair is what to expect at Metro City. With an envious list of special guests, this place is definately one of the venues to kick on at in Northbridge – make sure to dress to impress boys and girls, especially on Saturday nights when this place simply go’s off ($10 covercharge) with 4 DJ’s pumping the latest RnB, commercial and house tracks from 10pm

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Metro City Review

Review By Delysha Pick

Metro City is labeled the biggest nightclub in the southern hemisphere. It sure has the stage, equipment and venue capacity to be one of the best hang out spots in Perth. I headed down last Saturday night to see if its reputation lives up to its size. I must say Metro City’s security checks are second to none.

The bad reputation of past gangs in the venue seems a distant memory as you walk past the six bouncers, metal detectors, ID and photo check. The significant security presence on the door made me start to question whether my harmless nail file in my handbag would actually make it in! Perth airport is almost less extensive.

The decor of a venue says a lot and Metro City, with its sheer size, holds nothing back. With the wall made of panels of glass, the entrance is impressive – the best I’ve seen in Perth so far. Coloring are kept simple with no real features mainly blacks, whites and greys. The setup consists of ten bars, a huge stage, dancefloor area, rooftop smoking area, pool table area, game machines and plenty of viewing platforms to see the stage entertainment. The more exclusive RnB separate section has a much nicer decor with a nicer touch of purple, black and silver and feature walls. However this does not get busy until well after midnight. The smoking area within the RnB lounge has a stunning view of the city, a great place to chill out away from the loud action of the main stage.

Bar service is far from instantaneous but considering the sheer number of people at the venue at any one time, it is not too bad overall. If you compare the bar staff to the Miss Australia competition, you’ll find minimal difference. Bar tending experience was most definitely not something management were looking for during their interview process. If you’re a fan of big boobed brunettes, and let’s face it what boys aren’t, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Drink service is adequate, but not overly impressive; there were no limes, half cans of redbull served with a redbull-vodka and 26ml shot glasses were the norm. Prices range from $8 to $12 per drink which is very reasonable for a nightclub of this entertainment standard.

The dancers truly do set Metro City apart from the rest. Although clearly none of them are the next Christina Aguilera, they do pump the crowd up and are definitely impressive to watch, even from a girl’s perspective. Boys, if you like a lady who knows how to shake her booty, get on down there and you’ll see what only a YouTube video clip could explain. Resident DJs Matty S and Angry Buda are great in the mix, but the commercial pop and dance tracks seems to be on repeat every few hours, similar to that of Paramount and the Leederville Nightclub. However the true highlight of the venue is the sheer extent of production work. The lighting setup alone in the venue deserves and Grammy Award. What the production team can do with a few lights, smoke machines and speakers is truly in a class of its own, ten gold stars to the boys here.

The atmosphere does feel like that of the Bounty nightclub in Bali. Yes there are many people in the venue, but most are not of a Western origin. Saturday nights have changed from a once younger western crowd of years gone by, to a predominately, almost completely, Asian crowd. Racial differences are a known problem at this venue.

The venue does kick off by 1:00am however with four of its ten bars closed, it does show signs of capacity not reaching its full potential. My sum up for Metro City is there is no, and I mean no, better venue in Perth for concerts and events. It is not only the icing on the cake, but the whipped cream, red cherry and entire cake itself. It truly does live up to its name of ‘the leader in live entertainment’ but on a Saturday night, I’m sad to say, it wouldn’t be my venue of choice.

For concerts and events I’d give Metro City 10 tips of of 10 (11 if possible) but for their house Saturday nights I’d give them a flat 7 tips out of 10.

Events coming up include world renown Dj Gareth Emery, Jimmy Eat World, MF Doom, Sean Kingston, Del La Soul and Dogpound. It seems the big names keep coming back to Perth’s biggest venue.

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A 2nd Metro City Review

Review By Vi Nguyen

Looking for a place to end your Saturday night? Well, head down to Metro City, located just outside of the main party area in Northbridge, on Roe Street. Open only on Saturdays from 10pm, with an entry fee of $10. After 11, the entry fee gets bumped to $15. But don’t worry; you’re not going to want too rush down to pay the early bird fee because the club doesn’t come alive until 12.

Metro City is one of Perth’s biggest and busiest nightclubs, with three levels and its huge space there is something for everyone too enjoy. The bottom floor is the main floor, having three separate bars situated around the venue and a huge stage in the front for the DJ, performers and go-go dancers. The music played is your regular top 40 club hits, which is the standard stuff that everyone could enjoy. On the second floor called the R&B; lounge, also known as the VIP area, is a smaller sectioned off area where only hip hop and R&B; music is played; this part of the club is ideal for those who are into grinding. In the R&B; lounge it is a intimate experience having two smaller bars and a balcony, all in one confined space. The top level of Metros also has two bars, one indoor were you can see the view of the crowd from two stories above and enjoy the music pumping from main floor, and one outside in the outdoor area were you can get away from all the loud music have a breather and hang out with your mates.

There is a strict dress code to enter Metros, such as you cannot wear sneakers, hats and casual clothing. This is a place were you are expected to be dressed up and look sexy.

The goers of Metros come from a large age group ranging from 18 to 30 year olds. That being said the main crowd found on the dance floor are the younger pack, coming from the 18 to the mid 20 age groups. There is a bit of an ethnic congregation at Metros, as 80% of the crowd being of Asian origin, so if you have “yellow fever” this is definitely the place to be;

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