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Marquee Nightclub

Level 2, The Star (Harbourside Entry via Pirrama Road) Pyrmont
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In partnership with The Star, world renowned nightlife operators from New York and Las Vegas destinations TAO and LAVO, are set to liven the Sydney’s nightlife with the opening of Marquee – The Star, Sydney from March 31 2012. Perched on the entire top floor of The Star’s harbour side entry, the nightclub features amazing views of Sydney’s city skyline and three exciting spaces to suit different tastes and moods. The Main Room features a 30 foot projection stage with an LED DJ booth and large da…nce floor. In contrast, the stylish library-style room offers an intimate lounge experience, accentuated by a working fireplace. Club-goers can also enjoy the Boom Box VIP room, with a separate DJ, state-of-the-art sound system and outdoor patio.

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Marquee Nightclub Review

Review by Jessica Bonnici

The Star’s Marquee, although relatively new, has become Sydney’s nightlife leaderand snatcher of glamourous party people. If you’re after a nightclub experience thatis a step above the rest, the reputable Marquee society won’t disappoint. Withheadlining acts including Avicii, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon and Above and Beyond,there’s no questioning the inflation of club Marquee’s status, which to theiradvantage is drawing bees from all over Sydney towards it’s golden honey pot.

Marquee has created an impressive precinct. From the line up to inside the clubitself, everything has been done with extreme thought. After standing in anextensive line, paying roughly a $40 entry fee and three ID check points, getting inproves Marquee’s hype. Club goers are then presented with an extravagant escalatorentrance. Following several greetings by Marquee’s friendly employees, you have theopportunity to pose in front of the infamous Marquee photo wall. When you havefinally snapped the perfect profile picture, your arrival through the club doorswill start an unforgettable experience.

Dimmed lighting and lasers highlight hundreds of heads in an almost pitch blackroom. Automatically, the energy of house music pumps through your veins. Podiumdancers and hot girls dressed in fancy dress attire give Marquee an edge that noother club has. The bar takes up the middle of the room while everything elsesurrounds it. The drinks could be considered expensive but you almost ignore theprice as soon as your international bartender utters sweet nothings in their foreignaccent. Once you’re well equipped with alcohol, be careful not to fall down thestairs leading to the main dance floor.

On your way to the dance floor you’ll notice that Marquee has exclusive bookedtables with drinks flowing all night and unless you made the booking, be sure to beredirected by security guards. If you’re a young lady however, don’t be surprised ifyour hand picked from the crowd and asked to join. The crowd is diverse. Picturewhat used to be Ivy’s regulars in a new environment with a hint of swag, RalphLauren and the odd cougar and you have Marquee’s socialites.

Marquee doesn’t just play house though, if you’re lucky enough to have a VIP stampyou can enjoy the ‘Boom Box’ and bump n’ grind to some RnB. If you don’t have a VIPstamp however, attend Marquee on a Friday night when the only music played is somerhythm and blues.

What impressed me the most though was Marquee’s bathrooms. It is literally a woman’sdream. The one person per toilet rule ensures that every cubicle is spotless and theautomatic taps and hand dryer means that hygiene is pivotal. What is known as the‘Beauty Bar’ is what keeps ladies coming back. With hairdressers and make up artistsfrom Zolf fixing you up in front of gorgeous dressing tables, you are guaranteed tolook perfect all night.

So if you’re after an enchanting club experience that is worth splashing your cash,hit The Marquee at Sydney’s famous Star Casino and I assure you, coming from aregular, nothing else will compare.

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A Second Review of Marquee

Review by Nina Subotic

Ahhh, celebrities. We all secretly want to be one. And if we can’t be one, then we want to see them, talk to them, and maybe even dance with them…

Where do we go to do be able to that? Well, apparently it’s the Marquee. Carrying its name from Vegas to Sydney, Marquee is said to be the only club of its caliber in our humble city. With its opening only a few short months ago, at Sydney’s also fittingly newly renovated and revamped The Star casino, this club is for those that prefer to do things with a bit of a sparkle….or shall I say dollar?

Anyone who’s in with the ‘what’s hot’ of Sydney nightlife, has surely stumbled upon the hype of the Marquee, either on Facebook, or in Sydney’s CBD itself. So what to expect from the club? Well it’s all the hype, plus more. Maybe it’s just me but the escalators leading up to the nightclub already give it it’s sense of exclusivity, with the entry lines warping through the casino.

Once in the club you really will feel like a celebrity. Dancers on podiums in their wonderfully cliché skimpy and sparkly outfits welcome you to the Marquee. Although the club in itself is not that big, Marquee is divided strategically to accommodate for different nightclub enthusiasts. The main room is reserved for fist pumpers, grinders and shakers, or basically, the dance floor. This is where you’ll find a younger crowd. It is however, a mixed bag, and if you keep walking, or dancing your way to the smaller room – referred to as ‘library-like’ – you’ll find yourself in a room surrounded by business men and women, and a more laid back atmosphere.

Here however is where my one criticism of the club comes. Imagine my surprise when the relief of grabbing a seat crossed my mind, and then being told they’re only for reserved and paying club goers. Yes ladies, opt for some comfy heels if your thinking of heading out to the peppy club, as in true celebrity spirit: no dolla’ no seat.

You should keep the dolla’ flowing too, if you’d expect anything decent to drink. Don’t expect backpacker prices here – when the bathroom area has its own lounge and bar, then that’s saying something!

So if you’re well equipped in the green, make your way down to, or rather up, to the Marquee, where even you can be a celebrity.

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A Third Review of Marquee Nightclub

Review by John Ardic

Located on the second floor of the Star Casino is an interesting and stylish club known as the Marquee Nightclub. I was lucky enough to attend Marquee’s Block Party promotion where they offered a free BBQ with free entry. A genuine delight since broke university students, such as myself, typically wouldn’t be able to dish out $40 for an entry fee. Unless you’re a VIP, at the entrance you are faced with a line that stretches through the Star Casino and a security check with some not-at-all-shy bouncers. When you do finally reach the escalators which elegantly guide you into the wonderfully lit and gracefully furnished club, however, it all seems worth it.

As you walk in, you are immediately greeted by the happy and friendly staff, ranging from girls in very short dresses to large, foreign men who inform you of how much you love dancing. They are all eager to please and treat you like an old customer they see regularly. As the hours dwindle on and the crowd becomes larger, you find yourself enjoying the company and cosiness of the rooms even more.

The club itself, while small, has two main areas which seem to support two different types of crowds. To the right, you are faced with house music, a dance floor surrounded by lasers and dancers on podiums in costumes which leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. The crowd here mostly comprises of the younger generation of club-goers. To the left is more relaxed and the crowd appears to consist of high-class people who perhaps needed to take a break from the gambling downstairs.

If you do get tired of the crowds and the dancing, you can step outside to cool off. This is also the only place where you will be able to sit down, unless you have booked seating beforehand. Marquee seems to take the term “don’t get too comfortable” a little too literally in terms of finding a place to relax after a long night of dancing and drinking. As to be expected of a fancy establishment, it takes quite a bit of money to actually enjoy yourself at Marquee. A decent drink starts at about $12 and coupled with the entry fee, you will need to spare no expense if you plan on indulging in all the fun which Marquee has to offer.

If you are looking for a fun night out in a place which makes you feel like you’re rubbing elbows (literally) with important people and have both the money and energy to spare then Marquee is definitely a place you should add to your “To-Go” list.

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