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Manly Wharf Hotel

Manly Wharf East Esplanade
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After redevelopment of the existing premise mid 2002, The Manly Wharf Hotel opened in February 2003. Themed around a 1950’s Palm Beach weekender as seen through the styles of architecture, writing and logo’s used, The Manly Wharf Hotel is a modern version of an iconic Sydney pub. The Manly Wharf Hotel still creates the traditional feel and culture of the great Sydney seaside pubs but with a modern feel and hospitality, making it a welcoming place for everyone, from locals to tourists. Offering its patrons quality food and serving the best in Australian and imported beers, wines and spirits, The Manly Wharf Hotel offers a great day or night out. If you’re in the city why not catch a ferry.

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Manly Wharf Hotel Review

Review By Ben King

Glamour! Plain and simple the Manly Wharf Hotel (or as the locals call it the MWF) oozes glamour and sex appeal.

Located on Manly Wharf (as the name suggests) this venue is quintessentially Manly, with a sense of “casual elegance.” We headed there on a Saturday night, and were delighted to walk in and see the bar area swarming with some of the sexiest girls on earth. Whilst I didn’t pay too much attention, I would say the guys didn’t look too bad either.Being quite a reasonably sized venue, the Manly Wharf Hotel attracts a mixture of 18 – 35 year olds.

What separates this venue from the mediocre is without question the venue itself. Located on the Wharf, plain and simple there is nothing greater than having a drink on the water’s edge watching. Whilst we headed there on a Saturday, I am reliably informed that this place is where it is at Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The clientele that seem to frequent this place all seem to be relatively down to earth, which given the opulent surroundings is not necessarily what you would expect. Although people were definitely dressed to impress, I gathered that this was semi optional, as you also had a few guys in singlets and shorts (albeit quite expensive looking ones)

Now I’m not sure if it was coincidence, or a Manly Wharf Hotel thing, but within 20 minutes of being there we were challenged to games of pool for beers, which, needless to say was a bit strange given we weren’t showing the slightest bit of interest in playing pool. So after being talked into game with a couple of wannabe pool sharks claiming to be lame ducks at the game of pool, we won (despite the fact we were clearly worse than them). Accordingly, I have no idea how expensive drinks are as I didn’t buy any, however I would say they were mid market.

Needless to say, that only slightly detracted from the couple of hours we were there, and by no means an accurate reflection of the venue.

In summary, if you are attractive, or like to be surrounded by attractive people or like me, and think you are attractive this is the place to go on Sydney’s North side.

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