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Mango Lounge Bar

17 Hall Street, Moonee Ponds, VIC
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Style, class, and smooth decor worthy of the most savvy punter’s attention! The soft mango lit surroundings of the Mango Lounge Bar play host to a lovely variety of eardrum caressing music five nights a week. From 60’s & 70’s rare groove, to electro funk & deep house, to live jazz & funk.

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Mango Lounge Bar Review

Review By Matt Wilson

Located in a small, dark and lifeless street next to the much more lively and vibrant Mount Alexander Road, the Mango Lounge Bar is a very easy place to miss. If it weren’t for the music, the dim lighting of the bar would probably make you assume it was just another closed shop in the street. However, this dim lighting also gives the place a sense of mystery and intrigue that you might want to check it out.

The aforementioned dim lighting reminded me a bit of those dark, depressing bars in movies where mysterious, middle-aged loner types go to drink away their sorrows, but aimed at younger people and without the despair. The place is quite laid back and welcoming; the bartender said hi to me as I walked in and talked to the customers, perhaps because there was nothing else going on there at the time. In fact, there were only two other patrons, the bartender, and the DJ there! The DJ was set up on the bar counter, another indicator of what a small venue Mango Lounge is. The electro funk and house music played gave the venue a nice, soothing, chilled out vibe, making you ease into the groove of the place and helps you forget how dead the place is. The nice wooden decors around the place, along with the comfy chairs around tiny square tables along the walls, further add to the chilled out feel of this small bar.

Drinks wise, Mango Lounge has shots and beers on offer, as well as coffee and soft drinks, but with all the tequilas along the wall behind the bar and the wines bottles that can be seen from the back room, it is clear that the fancier alcoholic drinks are the main focus of this bar. The small rectangular blackboard with a list of daiquiris on offer, such as the Mt Gay XO and the Frangelico, further proves the venue has a focus on swanky drinks.

Mango Lounge is more of a place to hold private functions at rather than a place to rock up at and party all night, especially considering its location. But its secluded location can also been seen as advantage, as it would be far less likely to have gatecrashers come in and intrude in on your party. Having a big group of your friends along at Mango Lounge would make your night there awesome, though there is not much room to move around in and no dance floor.

The photos of special events on the venue’s website show that Mango Lounge would be a much better place to go to one of these nights. But if you go there on a random night, chances are you will be one of the few patrons there having a quiet drink before heading off to a livelier venue shortly after.

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