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Mana Bar Melbourne

336 Brunswick Street Melbourne VIC
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The Mana Bar Melbourne is located in the suburb of Fitzroy, a popular inner city entertainment district. It will feature 7 LCD TV’s in multiple rooms running the latest games on the PlayStation®3 (PS3™), Xbox 360™, and Nintendo Wii™ systems. Open 7 days a week, the bar will host events every night and features a unique cocktail menu, gaming themed display cabinets, and a special Turtle Beach area where patrons can experience the latest gaming and audio technologies.

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Mana Bar Melbourne Review

Review By Lauren Moreton

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m technologically illiterate. If you asked me what HTML is, I’d probably say it was the name of a band, and if you quizzed me on my favourite video game, I’d most definitely reply ‘Snake II on my Nokia 3210’. So you’d probably think it quite shocking that I’d head down to Melbourne’s brand new gaming bar in Fitzroy, right? Wrong. The Mana Bar has something for everyone, even for the ‘gaming-challenged’.

Located on bustling Brunswick St, the venue opened in July of this year after having massive success with its Brisbane counterpart, also called the Mana Bar. When you walk through that black door, you’re stepping into a different world where Mario roams the screens and Guitar Heroes reign supreme. Mana Bar features 7 LCD TV’s across two rooms which are set up with a variety of consoles. So you can have hit of tennis on your Wii remote, be called to duty on PS3 or commit grand theft auto on an Xbox 360.

But don’t be fooled by the Mana Bar’s original take on a night out. First and foremost, the venue is a cocktail bar. The menu sports an array gaming themed blends that won’t fail to know your socks off. My favourite by far was the ‘Princess Peach’: a mix of gin and peaches that boasts sweetness with a sinister side. All the drinks were created especially for the bar and start at $15, which is average pricing for CBD cocktails. And if you want something even stronger? The menu also features some couture shots that are named just as aptly, eg: the ‘Finish Him’.

The whole bar is flooded with a blue light that really helps set the mood for the space. Even a fish out of water, like me, will feel totally comfortable in this hybrid bar. Don’t be afraid of the hardcore gamers that the venue draws; they’re all a part of the fun. If you don’t want to have a play on the consoles yourself, you’ll enjoy just watching the boisterous patrons slaying and riffing their way to victory.

The games which play on the screens are pre-selected each night, usually chosen around a certain theme or event. The Manna Bar hosts many events throughout the week, like movie trivia nights, game launches and gaming competitions between the Brisbane and Melbourne bars.

The nice thing about this place is that your expectations and assumptions about the crowd are instantly abolished. Whilst there are a lot of very enthusiastic gamers here, there are also some people just wanting to get an interesting drink at an equally interesting place.

The Mana Bar is open from 3pm-11pm every night of the week and is the perfect place for gamers and novices alike to get a drink before heading further down the lively Brunswick St. Whilst I still would called myself technologically illiterate, I very glad to report that my new favourite video game is ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’, all thanks to my trip to this eclectic bar.

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