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Beaufort St, Perth

Malt Supper Club

677 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley,WA
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‘Malt Supper Club’ is an opulent late night bar offering premium beverages & a light supper menu ‘malt supper club’ features plush surrounds, four bars and private rooms available for functions. Entertainment includes live artists showcasing modern jazz, swing, Motown, retro, funk and soul. Upstairs in ‘malt lounge’ The Highlands, a sophisticated private lounge area awaits. Adorned in black velvet, reserved for functions and VIP members, this luxurious bar is perfect for that special occasion or event. ‘Malt Supper Club’ is open from 6pm until late, Wednesday to Saturday. Opening Sundays from February 27, 2020. Smart attire is required at all times. ‘Malt Supper Club’ is intended for a mature clientele.

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Malt Supper Club Review

Review By Delysha Pick

Malt is Perth’s newest nightclub on Beaufort Street in Mt Lawley. After waiting five years for their license to be approved, we’ve all expected big things from this rather small venue. I took a look last Saturday night to see what Malt has to offer.

Decor says a lot about a venue, and the clientele a venue is trying to draw is usually in direct correlation with its interior layout. Malt takes the cake in this department. Malt does not hold back in the looks department at all. Considering they did take five years to get their license it is not surprising the decor had five years worth of planning put into it, and trust me it is truly second to none. Colourings range from blacks, to greys and charcoals. Feature walls are that of a high class nightclub with patterns of black and silver running throughout the venue. Foot rests are kept the features with red and gold suede, and shiny black bar stools matching the black glass bars. Very impressive!

Age is the real problem, or plus, depending on what you are looking for in a venue. Malt has exclusive age ratio of 25+. After talking with Tony the manager, this is not exclusive to your proof of age. This is however exclusive to your look. The bouncers are under strict regulation to let everyone pretty and of the look 25 in. No Paramount crowd will be found here. This nightclub is of the feel of Botanica or The Brisbane Hotel.

Drinks are reasonably priced between $8 and $12 for the usual for drinks in Perth. However cocktails can be ordered from $15-$20 and are very impressive on the eye, and not a bad mix on the taste buds either.

The atmosphere is very exclusive. If you’re not wearing your newest Louis Vutton, Prada or Gucci attire, you may indeed find yourself a little out of place. I am personally surprised they have taken this stance on entry but it has definitely done them favors. The crowd does look great (I was contemplating how I had got in at this point) and by around midnight the party action starts to get into full swing. However, if you are a male in this venue and you’re not of the jock type that goes to the gym for breakfast lunch and dinner you may not fit in here. I was contemplating whether the extreme amount of mirrors were for the ladies or for the steroid bulging men to look at themselves in. Jokes aside, the venue is very classy so if you’re thinking of having a look, make sure you have a good shave fellas – and polish your shoes.

Overall I’d give Malt 8 tips out of 10. It will be interesting to see if Malt can keep up its good reviews over the year. Malt is open from Wednesday night to Saturday night and watch out for its new Sunday sessions opening soon.

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A 2nd Review of Malt Supper Club

Review By Tabitha Menon

A quick touch up in the car and a swift footwear change over from my Havaianas to my black stilettos, I hurriedly make my way to the entry of the Malt Supper Club. The bouncers standing outside looked somewhat like extras on the set of The Transporter. Tying my best to look acceptable for the club and hoping my Asian genes don’t make me look younger than a 20 year old, which might result in them shooing me away, I get the all clear when without a twitch in his face muscle, the bouncer lets me in.

As soon as you walk into The Malt, the atmosphere is electric. With a live band to the right busting out familiar tunes, and the bar to the left, you very quickly get a sense it’s going to be a good night. Almost immediately I notice the more mature aged crowd and everyone is dressed to impress. The guys are suited up at best while others have on that handy good shirt Aunty Jean got you for Christmas just when you thought she isn’t down with the times. The ladies on the other hand, as my girl Fergie would say, looked GLAMOROUS. With the abundance of mirrors around, I took a quick look at myself to make sure I didn’t look too shabby. Clearly this was a club for the 25+ and if you’re over the scantily-dressed-booze-busting-bogans you find elsewhere, then this place will impress you. I noted there were three bars on the ground floor at strategic areas, which made ordering drinks a lot easier. Drinks are reasonably priced from $8-$15, which isn’t too far off from the usual price at most places.

The Malt has many intimate function rooms to give partygoers a more private area. It’s ideal for birthday parties but more popular for a good way to start a hens night. The decadent interior certainly adds to the sophistication of the club and the prompt response of wait staff was very notable. Incidentally, it was my friend’s hens night and the finger food ordered was scrumptious. From the ocean platter to the mini burgers to the divine selection of desserts and the fruity concoction in my hand, all my senses were awaken and pretty satisfied at this point. There was no holding back on the free flow of drinks as staff poured endless supply of complimentary drinks thanks to the package organised for the hens.

Towards the back of the club, there’s a larger space, which looked like a possible dance floor. There weren’t too many people heating up the dance floor, perhaps due to the contrast of sounds from the live music out the front to the party anthem at the back proving a little distracting. The upside of having these contrasts, however, is partygoers have the option to choose either the back or the front at any time if their favourite tunes aren’t being played.

Overall, The Malt Supper Club is both classy and sophisticated and a real good venue to have a good night.

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