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Lucky Coq (Bimbo Deluxe)

179 Chapel St, Windsor, VIC
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Opening in April 2006, Lucky Coq has grown into a local favorite, with the emphasis being on comfort, value and entertainment. The famous pizzas take centre stage every lunch and dinner, and with a $4 price tag it’s hard to resist. Entertainment is a real focal point at Lucky Coq, each night being different. On any given night you can find free table tennis, free pool table, movie nights, BBQ’s, live bands and djs. Attracting a totally mixed crowd ranging from locals to legends, hippies to hipsters, Bogans to beauties, ravers to reverends, the Lucky Coq is the place to be any day of the week.

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The Lucky Coq Review

Review By Kat Pollard

Sister pizza restaurant, come bar, come nightclub to Fitzroy’s Bimbos, Lucky Coq has a whole lot of relaxed atmosphere to make it the more inviting place on Chapel Street. Away from the high end pretentious clubs and bars, Lucky Coq is situated on the corner of High Street and Chapel Street, making it a convenient place to meet up before the night’s activities commence. It’s hard to pin point the more appealing aspect of this venue so I’ll list them all.

Firstly, Lucky Coq and Bimbo’s for that matter, are known for their $4 pizzas, offered 12-4 weekdays, 7-11pm Sunday through to Thursday and 7-9 pm on Saturday nights. With no fuss bases loaded up with fresh produce, their hard to go by. Good if you’re doing it tough or a uni student. Lucky Coq also holds a certain hidden charm of second hand couches, lamps and other strange memorabilia. During peak times ($4 Pizza time) good luck trying to find a place to sit, be prepared to have to join a group or like I did, awkwardly join a date.

You’ll always find someone with a story at Lucky Coq and plenty of people with relaxed attitudes that will sit and chat for a while. If there’s no space to sit and chat then enjoy a game of pool, or take your drinks and dinner upstairs to the beautiful alfresco area.

The crowd at Lucky Coq is hard to pin point, you never know what you’ll get and depending on times and night, the crowd is mismatched as the furniture. Throughout the week it’s full to the brim of uni students, but during the week the crowd is a mix of alternate youth, south yarra residents and then a older more worldly crew. Tuesday nights sees a more film conscious crew enter the doors, for the weekly film screenings, and the weekends come hand in hand with feel good house, hip hop beats and a mix of funk and soul.

On an end note, check out the bathrooms, even if you don’t need to go. The collage of clippings from old magazines and a guide to being a good Indian child are enough to entertain you for the whole night. Who knows you might find the perfect bust enhancing bustier right above the toilet paper.

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