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Low 302

302 Crown St, Darlinghurst, NSW
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A comfortable, cozy and welcoming Cocktail Bar & Restaurant. (Atmospheric comfort by means of soft lounges, low lights, entertaining music and fresh food in combination with excellent drinks & cocktails.) With great cocktails, superb selection of spirits, liqueurs & beers topped with a short & sharp wine list, Low 302 provides a Melbourne style alternative to the mainstream Sydney bars

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Low 302 Review

Review By Sarah Han

Small bars used to be nearly impossible to find in Sydney. But thankfully now, more and more are surfacing. They are now peppered across the inner city – especially in Darlinghurst and Surry Hills. At this rate, this area could almost be renamed Little Melbourne. And I have to say I’m a huge fan of Melbournian bars. Of late, I’ve been traversing around Sydney, in search of small bars that live up to Melbourne standards.

Low 302 is a small bar named after its street address (302 Crown Street in Surry Hills). It’s cozy, dark and welcoming. I’ve been here a few times now, and found it best late at night when the crowd has gradually disappeared. On one occasion, two girlfriends and I went to Low on a Sunday night after dinner and could barely move inside. Luckily after ordering our drinks, we found a seat in the outside patio area, which looks out onto Crown Street. The decor of this outside area features wooden high stools and tables. Meanwhile, inside the furnishing is a bit more comfortable – the low couches and tables are great complements to the brick walls.

Low 302 boasts a good list of cocktails and a respectable selection of Australian wines.The bar also stocks a reasonable range of beers – there are 11 beers available. But they’re not your conventional Tooheys or Carltons. They’re carefully selected. Most are local, but there are also a few international beers on offer.

For the peckish ones, there’s an array of tapas. Every time I’ve been to Low, I didn’t try any dishes – only because I generally went there after dinner or in the middle of the night. But even so, the menu looks very tempting.

Low 302 has a nice ambience to it. The music is chilled out, the people are generally laid-back and the bar staff has an easygoing attitude. That said, Low doesn’t quite accomplish the effortless and modish flair like Melbournian bars do. And there are some other small bars in the Darlinghurst and Surry Hills area that are probably a bit more interesting. Regardless, I’m happy to keep going back to Low and find a dark, comfortable corner with some friends to sample more cocktails and wines.

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A 2nd Low 302 Review

Review By Amarande Chauvet

Open Sesame!

In a slow, trying movement the automatic wooden door opens to reveal a place of treasures. I venture hesitantly into the interior. Crystal glasses, sweets music, and some fine bottles of tequila, cognac, gin and more are some of the wonders I find along the way. Velvet couches match the red velvet curtains falling from the walls. The place is dark and sensual. I must be in the depths of Sydney as bricks abut the walls. A dark wooden bar stands strong – I am drawn to it. Maybe behind its tough, strong and determined bar appearance I will find the treasure I am searching for. A Michelada; large beer, lime juice, assorted sauces, spices and peppers. Wow – what a tang!

But maybe that was too much of an obvious place to search. Perhaps this treasure lies somewhere else hidden in the corner of the cave of 302 Crown Street, Darlinghurst. Perhaps behind the live band playing such sweet alternative jazzy music will I find every nightclub enthusiast’s dream, or maybe it is amongst the magnificent crystal glasses on the Royal Albert wall standing tall next to the bar – forget plastic cup, this is the Royal treatment.

But wait. “Open Sesame!” The door opens to let in thieves – couch thieves, space thieves, make a queue at the bar thieves. The clock strikes 7, and Low 302 Bar is packed! The thieves? Mostly what I call ‘the Paddington Arty types’ except most of them know nothing about art. Low 302 is filled with the kind of nightclub enthusiasts that wear top hats, have thin moustaches, army boots even though they have no intention of even supporting the army, singlets that show more of your body than they cover. The hippies of the 21st Century although they might not love the earth – you get the picture.

I try to escape. Now safe on the interior terrace that forms half of Low 302, I take a seat at one of the wooden tables. Something to eat? Entree are mostly from the depths of the ocean; scallops, calamari, mussels… It is more restaurant like then antipasto based, with duck breast forming part of the mains and cheese boards for desert. The terrace is sleek, there are plenty of spaces to sit either by the window to admire nightclub enthusiast passing by – those who are unaware that a just few will open a cavern of wonders – or away from the view of Crown street on Low tables. Either way I believe I was close to finding my treasure, in between sipping a beautiful fruity yet subtle Omaka Springs Sauvignon Blanc, devouring tempura cream zucchini flowers and lounging on a soft velvet couch.

2pm. Close Sesame!

The search will be left for another day.

Open Sesame!

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