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The West End, Brisbane

Lock n Load Bar

142 Boundary St, West End, QLD
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Located in the heart of Brisbane’s vibrant West End, Lock ‘n’ Load caters to the discerning palate in a relaxed environment. With a newly re-constructed leafy courtyard to escape the city streets, cosy retro-modern interior combining old Queenslander vibe with unique array of international influences, eclectic beats from local musicians and cocktails to get you dancing, there is no restaurant, bar or other place quite like it. Whether it be candlelight dinner for 2, or a party for 200 of your closest friends and colleagues, Lock ‘n’ Load has the flexibility to make your night rock!

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Lock n Load Bar Review

Review By Emilie Guillemain

“Lock ‘n’ Load” – the phrase sparks an element of thrill and somewhat boldness with its original meaning linked to preparing oneself for battle.

West End’s Lock ‘n’ Load bar provides an opposite atmosphere to the battlefield however, with the venue being the perfect place to relax with a few drinks. Dimly lit with wooden floors and stone walls, the bar creates an earthy vibe with its mix of deep colours and recently renovated leafy courtyard. Whilst the bar won’t require you to show up in war paint, Lock ‘n’ Load holds true to its name in being a venue with bold character and edge.

Split into three areas, those visiting the venue can choose from the main bar/indoor dining area, the courtyard, or upstairs balcony. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, Lock ‘n’ Load is able to cater for all crowds. The main bar is located at the entrance with a new bar situated outside in the courtyard. A wide variety of drinks are offered with beers ranging from $5-$13, cocktails at $14 and $15, and wines from $6-$11.

Kick back and catch some slits of afternoon sun through the courtyard’s roof, enjoy live music, bask in the divine flavours of food and beverage, or hit the dance floor with a few friends. The key element to Lock ‘n’ Load is variety. Where this bar really shines is having the perfect balance between cosy and intimate indoors, versus an open and spacious outdoor area.

Open seven days a week, Lock ‘n’ Load is one of Brisbane’s must-see bars. Combining great food, drink and entertainment, patrons will not be disappointed by all that this venue has to offer. As the name suggests, Lock ‘n’ Load Brisbane and get ready for a great night out.

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