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Little Brooklyn

44 Jardine St, Kingston ACT
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Nestled in Kingston’s Green Square, Little Brooklyn brings the soul of America to the local community. Step inside to find modern food, wine and cocktails inspired by the American culture. Booth-style seating is all part of the fun, with the interiors bringing a downtown grunge to the heart of the suburb.

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What To Expect At Little Brooklyn

Written by Karolina Firman

Little Brooklyn is a hipster-esque gastro-pub located in south-side Kingston. Its one of those pubs that’s a little hidden away, but is definitely worth a visit. It has the feel of trying to be cool, but its almost effortless you can see that they went to the effort to give it a good vibe, but it doesn’t feel like a ‘try-hard’.

Its going for a New York pub kind of feel, and as such it has an unusual décor with posters plastered all over the walls, and rustic looking tables and booths. It had a good atmosphere, with patrons of all genders and ages eating. You can get regular pub food, like a chicken schnitzel or a burger. But they also have vegetarian options, as well as somewhat fancier fare such as a delicious duck salad.

I had the chicken schnitzel, and it was really nice, the advantage of Little Brooklyn is that they give you a reasonable amount of food and don’t try to sway you with a mountain of meat. That being said the starter of polenta chips was crispy, and was accompanied by a great aioli dipping sauce. In addition to this, I shared a Pims cup with a friend, however they also have a great range of beers, (most of which are charmingly American themed), wines and cocktails.

For once, I was at a pub that offered live music, that was playing live music, and to honest it was really nice to have background music while I ate. It wasn’t too loud, and matched the theme of the pub, as it was earthy, rock-style guitar music (by a local artist called Chad Kruger).

All and all, I was a big fan of Little Brooklyn (although we did find it by accident). Great food, great atmosphere, great everything. I’m a big fan.

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