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Leederville Hotel

742 Newcastle Street, Leederville, WA
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A 100 year old Bar located in the heart of the famous Leederville cafe and restaurant precinct, across the road from the Leederville oval which is now the home of Subiaco and East Perth AFL Football clubs plus the WA Rugby Union.

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The Leederville Hotel Review

Review By Delysha Pick

‘The Leedy’ is Perth’s number one hotspot on Wednesday nights. It’s a university hotspot and backpackers dream, cheap drinks, a packed dancefloor and blonde teens in incy wincy mini skirts guaranteed.

The Leedy consists of an old building, very old, done up with a slap of paint and a few trimmings. Downstairs does look like a tin shed with a few cages but upstairs is as impressive as the Hyatt foyer. The difference between downstairs and upstairs is noticeable and does reflect the type of people that hang out where. Upstairs is more for a relaxed chat, downstairs is a near on rave. Surprisingly the toilets are immaculate. Next time you’re down take a look but make sure you go before 9:00pm., after that the black and grey designed walls and ceiling to floor mirrors are usually covered with toilet paper and puke, not so immaculate. The decor might not up to standards of the Brisbane Hotel but what it loses out on in the interior design department, it makes up in crowd capacity.

The Leedy is most definitely a teeny bopper hang out. If you’re over twenty two you may feel like a school teacher, rather than a student. But if you’re looking to pick up one, you’ve definitely found yourself in the right place. Skirts and dresses below the knee, or even twenty centimeters above it don’t exist. The dress code for the venue is: if it covers your bum, it’s possibly too long. Six inch stilettos and thick black eye liner, and you’re in.

Drinks are the standard pricing for a nightclub of this size and capacity. They usually range between $8 and $14. RTD prices are more pricey here than any Perth venue as of yet. The atmosphere at The Leedy is definitely the big winner. It is clear to see why the crowds keep coming back every week. Wednesdays there is no better place to be. The four large cages for the youngsters to bump and grind in are defiantly the drawing point for the venue. The bar staff are the typical Barbie lookalikes that keep the boys wanting more than just a beverage when ordering at the bar. The dancers also add an electric vibe to the night.

Whether you’re into your dirty dancing on the main stage, a quiet chat near long bar upstairs or a quick smoke in the open air, there is no better place to be in Perth on a Wednesday than The Leederville Hotel. On a Wednesday I give The Leedy 8 tips out of 10. The Leedy is also open on Fridays and Saturdays however the atmosphere just does not top that of a Wednesday night.

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A 2nd Leederville Hotel Review

Review By Jayde Galvin

On a Wednesday night in Perth, the Leederville’s name is blasted all over Facebook, text messages and any other form of communication Generation Y uses. It is the happening place. However, this depends on who you are. The Leederville on a Wednesday tends to attract a very young and wild crowd, this is fine if that is what you are into, but can be overwhelming and a massive eye opener to what is out there if you’re not. So I took it upon myself to investigate the people in which this place attracts on a Saturday night. They couldn’t be more different.

They are still a predominantly young crowd, but a definitely less wild one. The Leederville on a Saturday lives up to its label of a hotel, instead of crazy nightclub. The crowd is calm, I never locked eyes with someone I wish I hadn’t, which is a common occurrence on a Wednesday night and I actually enjoyed myself. Why head to Leederville on a Saturday if it is a Wednesday favourite? Drink prices. Young people can’t afford the standard drink prices, but at the Leederville the standard is abolished. The prices of shots, mixers, beers, and any served alcohol really are considerably lower.

The Leederville therefore becomes a popular place to start your night. The dress code is really relaxed, most shoes for men are excepted as long as they are closed in, and for t-shirts it is the same. Girls are welcome to wear any footwear from strappy sandals to boots.

The Leederville is basically a tent, so only so much can be done to the interior, but if your young, had a bit to drink and looking for fun this doesn’t seem to be of bother. The dance floor on entrance is above the ground level, and has what are known as the “cages” on it. The name explains it all, cages that you can climb on into and dance in. Classy, maybe not, hysterically fun sometimes, maybe so. If you are young and looking for a cheaper alternative to your usual City and Northbridge nightclubs in Perth, then the Leederville, commonly known as the “Leedy,” is a somewhat decent substitute.

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A 3rd Leederville Hotel Review

Review By Bojana Kovacic

On a Wednesday night it the place to be, drawing in a young and wild crowd which is insanely diverse. From rockers to rappers and everything in between, everyone can find someone to bond with.

Being a hotel in the centre off the Leederville cafe and restaurant strip, the crowd tends to be young and looking for something wild. The ages range from 18 to 25, with not many people past that age attending. But if you are young and looking for someone your age or close to it, this is the place to be.

From afar there is not much to look at, just a giant tent amongst buildings. On closer inspection, however, it is amazing how much can be done to a tent! Filled with coloured lights, smoke machines and dance cages it takes you away to a place where you can be your self and enjoy your night. If on the other hand, that’s not your cup of tea you can make your way inside. The ground floor is one massive dance floor with one immense bar and a DJ booth. Tables are placed throughout one side of the dance floor for those who want to enjoy a drink without getting it knocked out of their hand.

If you are looking for something more relaxing make your way upstairs. With couches and booths located in various spots, you can sit down to give your feet a break or just to relax with a drink and have a laid back night.

Depending on the area you’re in the atmosphere changes. As you wait in line and take your first steps into the tent you will hear techno music blasting away, people jumping around, head banging and just looking like idiots! But after you’ve had a few drinks you soon find yourself doing the same thing, it simply can not be resisted. If you find this is not you, don’t panic, make your way through the crowd to the inside area where the music is rap and r. If you love dancing this is where you need to be, you will find people who know what they are doing and even come across a few battles… which is always fun to watch!

As you walk upstairs the rapping slowly fades and you walk into pop and hip-hop. All the latest songs are played upstairs and there is a wide variety. So no matter what your musical preference is, you can satisfy it at Leedy…

There is no entry fee into this magical place unless you want to skip the line, if you just cannot wait to get in and start having the time of your life you can jump into the VIP line which is $10 and moves at lightning speed.The drinks are also very reasonable; depending on what you are getting the price will obviously vary. But you will not hear anyone complaining about the price.

From those who have just turned 18 and looking for a good place to start to those who have become regulars Leedy is a place that will never let you down.

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