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La Sing

261 Gouger St
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La Sing is a karaoke bar located in the heart of Adelaide. With free entry, a wide variety of music, a friendly environment, and great food available, La Sing has a fantastic atmosphere. Open every night – except Mondays!

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La Sing Review

Review by Imogen Richards

Predominantly recognised as a late-night karaoke bar, La Sing has existed in Adelaide for a number of years. The owner, Ung, is dedicated to his business to a greater extent than can be claimed of any hospitality figure in Adelaide. As such, La Sing is typically open six to seven days a week, from the time of about 9pm hours onwards. Due to special alcohol licenses, this venue also has the capacity to remain open until 4 or 5 in the morning. As a place to go when very few other places are still serving, the karaoke element to this bar provides incomparable value for its ability to provide welcome laughs.

Also critical to La Sing’s late night status is the selection of Asian food available right through until the later hours of the evening. Although this does not render La Sing necessarily of a pub status, the stir-fries and spring rolls do provide much needed nourishment after a night of dancing. That is not to assert, however, that the operators of La Sing by any means discourage dancing within this establishment. To the contrary, friends are frequently dragged up on stage with the designated karaoke performer or can be seen swing dancing in the circular floor area provided. Ample selections of songs are also provided to choose from, leaving no party a reasonable excuse to claim there is “nothing that they know”.

Drink prices are relatively stock standard with local beers between $6 and $7 and glasses of wine typically a dollar or so more. Frequently a shot of the month is featured, although these are generally fashioned to the likings of those used to very sweet palate cleansers. If you are on a budget also, carafes of house wine may be purchased for around $10, helping to ease the guilt of excessive weekend spending.

Due to its location, La Sing receives patronage from a variety of different sources. In fact, the variation passing through this establishment render it one of the most diverse hospitality locations in the city. At 4 and 5 in the morning there are often stragglers from the nearby Mars Bar looking for somewhere to carry on drinking. Earlier in the night, however, La Sing is also a favourite for hens parties or groups of young twenty-somethings looking for some vocal fun following a Gouger Street dinner. As a result of La Sing’s proximity to the law courts and lawyers’ officers situated on Victoria Square, a variety of business suits can also be seen at times passing through here.

Essentially La Sing provides fun for all types and times, with its unpretentious atmosphere and the sense of jovial community produced by its karaoke. Do not hesitate to check out Ung’s establishment if you aren’t afraid of some light-hearted public exposure. Or, conversely if you are like me and would rather bear witness to other people’s newly exposed talents, you are also most welcome to cheer from the sidelines.

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