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HQ Complex

1 North Tce, Adelaide, SA
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Boasting 6 main rooms, this enormous and always pumping nightclub located on the corner of the city is one for a big night. HQ always has large crowds, great drinks and varied music. Open up to 5 nights a week, HQ coaxes many of Adelaide’s main international guests to perform for the young, vibrant crowd for a reasonable price.

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Review By Laura Fazekas

Standing 3 storeys tall, a block wide, and lit up with fluros stands HQ on one corner of the city all on its own. Located conveniently near fast food, HQ is a massive nightclub, previously known as Heaven. HQ’s night scene spans over 4 (sometimes 5) nights a week, with the ever-popular themed Flashdance parties on Wednesdays, events on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays with the big bang of course on Saturday nights.

The place is enormous, boasting 4 main areas, all playing different types of music, and about 10 bars throughout. There is a cocktail bar with bartenders throwing flaming drinks and pouring smoky spirits, among the lounge, RnB room, outside beer garden and main stage. Up the spiral staircase is a more relaxed dance room with a bar and some chill-out coves for extensive D&Ms.;

HQ has beautiful decor, with lots of steps and stairs, mini lounge areas, seating, ample toilets and large dance floors with levels and podiums.

Flashdance is the best, cheap, busy destination on a Wednesday in Adelaide, with themes such as beach, pyjama, cowboys and Indians and doctors and nurses on the calendar for the year. Flashdance plays music anthems from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today with regular dancers and hosts on stage to keep the crowd going. Many a time have been dragged up on stage, made to perform air guitar and jump on a bed to win a prize (plenty of times I have actually won!).

The drink specials at Flashdance are great, with happy hour from 9 to 11 with $3.50 base spirits, so stock up before the price jumps! After getting in free by dressing up, you can have a cheap, great night out with plenty of friends. And you are bound to run into 2 or 3 people that you know during the night, it is Adelaide after all.

I used to be reluctant to venture to HQ on a Saturday night, because of the rumours of spaced out clubbers and the $20 entry fee alone was enough to put me off. But since being dragged along late one Saturday night to the end of an event at HQ, I’ve found it’s a great place if you aren’t on a budget and want a quality night out at a premier destination with a big crowd of people.

HQ boasts regular talent, like international DJS, Ministry of Sound events, Fresh parties, model search and international bands play often. This attracts lots of people, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so get in early or pre-purchase a ticket for events to avoid the line which can be very, very long and slow!

HQ is definitely a go-to destination on any night of the week, whether you are with a large group of people or with a couple of friends looking to meet some people. The abundance of rooms, music, moods and drinks caters for people of all ages with different tastes in nightlife.

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