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Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Hollywood Showgirls

19 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD
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The Gold Coasts premier 5 star gentlemans club right in the heart of Surfers Paradise. With a Multi Million dollar fit-out, 2 story indoor waterfall and plush surrounding, Hollywood Showgirls has set a high bench mark for Adult entertainment in Australia.

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Hollywood Showgirls Review

Review By Jenna Boister

Hollywood Showgirls claims to be “Australia’s No.1, five star gentlemen’s club”. Now, I can’t substantiate this as I have not visited every strip club in Australia (being female, it would be weird if I had!) However, having been to all the other strip clubs on the GC, I can say they are definitely the No. 1 gentlemen’s club on the Coast.

There is a reason this club is called Hollywood. The decor is lavish and decadent and with rich, dark, sultry tones – it reminds me of a sultan’s harem. Red drapes, purple velvet couches, black and gold carpet, Italian leather chairs, glass-top bar and marble tiling – not to mention the chandelier hanging from an Egyptian silk roof sculpture. However, all this expense and decadence seem to be lost on the crowd, who are only interested in the entertainment. It’s also very dark – I mean, how can you appreciate amazing decor if you can’t see it?

The main stage on the lower level is raised, surrounded by chairs, and has two poles and a two metre waterfall. This is where the girls seduce the crowd, trying to tempt them into purchasing private dances. This area is where you go if you want to see some skin, but are too cheap to pay the $50 for a lap dance. Alternatively, if you have some extra cash, you can pay $50 and gain entrance to the VIP area. This is a good idea if you want a good view and are planning to visit on a Friday or Saturday night, because unless you’re there early, it can be difficult to get a seat around the stage.

As you might expect from a crowd at a “gentlemen’s club, it’s mostly men. There is, however, a big contrast in ages: you get the freshies who can barely contain their excitement (and hormones) at visiting their first strip joint. They’ll be the ones yelling to their friends “this is awesome!” or the ones sitting at the front of the stage with their eyes the size of dinner plates, drooling onto their newly-appointed 18+ cards. Then there are the old pervs, lounging in the Italian leather chairs, sipping whiskey and reminiscing about days when they were young and attractive enough to actually bag girls like the ones on stage.

Now boys, the part I know you’ve all been waiting for…….the strippers! In my opinion, Hollywood has the most beautiful and talented girls. Many of them are masters of the pole, and hold titles such as Australian Penthouse Pet, Miss Nude Australia and Exotique Angels’ Performer of the Year. It’s only $10 entry (not much considering you get to see boobs!) and drinks cost no more than at other clubs in Surfers Paradise. And ladies, before you swear off visiting an establishment that makes their money by sexualizing females, take into account that women get free entry every night, plus the male to female ratio is definitely going to work in your favour!

I have to admit, being a girl; this is not the kind of place I’d usually go. But, and this may sound strange, it can be entrancing watching the strippers manoeuvre their way up and down the pole – it’s like watching ballet, only on a pole, and less classy. It’s not the kind of place you’d meet up with friends for a drink or a dance (unless you fancy giving the amateur pole near the toilets a try!) After all, take away the luxury decor and it’s still just a strip club; and people generally go to strip clubs for one reason. Howver, if you do want to watch gorgeous girls flaunt their skills and assets on stage then there is nowhere better to go than Hollywood Showgirls.

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