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Northbridge, Perth

Harry’s Bar

73 Francis St, Northbridge, WA
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A Perth venue that offers a new bar & dining experience with a focus on fresh produce, great international beers, like Monteith’s crafted beer from New Zealand and the great Asian Tiger beer in an outdoor Tiger inspired laneway, innovative cocktails, excellent function facilities and a special place for people to meet.

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Harry’s Bar Review

Review By Claire Watson

Tucked away on Francis Street, just hidden out of the way of the centre of Northbridge, you will find yourself at Harry’s. This smallish space combines the social atmosphere of restaurant eating with Saturday night drinks and live music.

My first impression of Harry’s was a perfect starter for an evening to grab a meal and get in the mood before heading out on the town. The draw of Harry’s is the great deals and specials running throughout the week not only for drinks, but food as well. Cheap ribs, wings and pasta and $6.50 pints of Tiger beer mean that Harry’s is an affordable stopping point any night of the week. On top of this, Harry’s offers an extensive list of cocktails for a very reasonable $10, which is much cheaper than most other bars in Perth and the staff are very receptive to new creations.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the service, which created a great relaxing atmosphere that matched the casual dress code. The decor left something to be desired (it was the first bar in Perth that I’d ever seen with textured wall paper) but after a few drinks it becomes less noticeable. Also, the outdoor area is very small and narrow so I didn’t find it very comfortable.

As for entertainment, you never know what you’ll get at Harry’s, with a combination of live bands and DJ’s playing throughout the weekend, playing the most well-known commercial pop, rock and RnB from the nineties, naughties and today to get your toes tapping.

The casual atmosphere attracts a casual crowd of varying ages from around early twenties and up, so anyone can enjoy a quiet drink (or seven) and feel at home at Harry’s. Not being packed like sardines like a lot of the other bars in Northbridge make the experience much more laid back, and you won’t be lining up for hours waiting to be served. I would recommend making Harry’s the starting point of your night out to get yourself in the mood, otherwise swing by during the week for a nice, affordable meal with friends.

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A 2nd Harry’s Bar Review

Review By Cassandra Auzin

Having finally figured out exactly where Harry’s Bar was and lucky enough to finish work at 9pm (an early night for a bartender), I decided it was time to hit the place that’s impossible to find – yet you can’t help but bag yourself for never noticing it when you do.

Hidden on Francis Street opposite the Dragon Palace, the place is inconspicuous yet a real treat to behold. Greeted at the door by the extremely friendly security guard, I was expected to be turned away for my Converses, jeans and singlet. Luckily enough, this Friday was “Back to School” Friday so I fit right in with the naughty schoolgirl uniforms and guys in white shirts and ties.

The set-up is simple and dimly lit. One bar in the middle of the area (occupied by four very experienced bartenders) is surrounded by tables and a small but obvious dance floor. Up the back houses the seated restaurant area where promo meals include cheap pizzas, all-you-can-eat ribs and early bird specials. Menus to view are non-existent and I found I arrived too late to order so I couldn’t even see one for reviewing sake either. However, the knowledge that they do ribs means this isn’t a tapas bar. Take a left at the door and you’re inside a small but comfortable smoker’s courtyard.

Up at the bar, I found the drinks to be a strange mix of prices. While wines were reasonably priced at no more than $11 a glass (mostly $6-$8), the beers were all sitting around the $12 mark. Admittedly, this place isn’t about beers; it’s about the cocktails. An extensive range of at least three pages greets you. There are three price ranges $10-$14-$16. I opted to try one of the $16 cocktails known as a Cherry Ripe, which was given his own personal twist by the bartender and tasted amazing. I wanted more than one, but driving home didn’t allow this.

Given that I’m about to hit quarter century this year (yeah, yeah, I’m old), I found the crowd to be my kind of people. Businessmen lingered in the corners still celebrating a hard week of work but they blended well with the mid-20s to 30-somethings that inhabited the establishment. Everyone seemed to be having fun and the polite service in all areas made it hard not to leave with a smile.

This isn’t a place for the below-25 set; it’s about enjoying the fact that you’re a grown-up and can afford to go out and have a couple drinks with friends, not get blitzed and curl up in a ball in the middle of the dance floor. Recommended for those looking for somewhere to have a bit of fun and relax, Harry’s Bar is a good place to start, continue on and even finish a good night out.

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