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Green Beacon Bar

26 Helen Street, Teneriffe, Brisbane, QLD
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Come along and enjoy a craft beer or two in our rustic Teneriffe warehouse setting, watch our brewery in action, have a chat to our brewers and enjoy a plate of fresh local seafood.

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What To Expect At Green Beacon

Written by James Breene

Located in gentrified Teneriffe is Green Beacon, Brisbane’s one of a kind craft beer bar. They have been kicking on for over two years now, expanding their tanks numerous times to meet the demands of their satisfied customers. Weekdays are popular for locals and those who work in the area, weekends attract tourists and people out for a craft beer. The bar is kept casual so anyone walking past can drop in but due to their growing notoriety manager Liam says it’s a good idea to book ahead on the weekends.

While they offer their own tasty food, array food trucks are parked outside most nights of the weeks so they can offer something new and exciting. Monday is Italian night with interesting pizzas, Wednesday features King Of The Wings with American style chicken. How We Rolls is Thursdays treat with delicious smoked meat, and the weekends are often a mix up of different foods and flavours. Beef cheek cheeseburgers, Vietnamese pork bellies and other restaurant quality items await those willing to come in and hang around.

Patrons are accustomed to their four core beers that are always available in cans and their amber and cider on tap. Freshness is key with four different beers offered each season and big batch and single kegs releases. Their hoppy beer styled off American brews tastes substantially better the fresher it is and at Green Beacon you are right next to the source.

Free tours can be booked for Monday nights where you can come in and see how it all works. The brewers and tanks can be seen from the bar, which lets you know where the beer comes from. The beer is sent up North, as far as Townsville and Rockhampton, and some goes south, even reaching Melbourne.

For those who aren’t interested in beer, Green Beacon also offers an array of wine and soft drink. Liam says that all wine and soft drink sold are made as local as possible with wines coming in from the granite belt and soft drinks from Toowoomba. The local theme continues even into the bar snacks with cheeses sourced Australia wide.

It’s a place people go to try something new or simply because they’ve been there before. The surreal experience of literally standing right next to the towering drums, constantly brewing beer and letting off noises, will make you say wow. Whether you’re a devoted regular coming in for two beers or going out with the friends you can always ask; what’s tasting good today?

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