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Gallery On Waymouth

30 Waymouth St, Adelaide, SA
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Twenty-six varieties of vodka and intriguing works of art are just a couple of the things to entice you into Adelaide’s Gallery on Waymouth bar. As its name divulges, the bar combines a love of art and alcohol, and all things suave. Found in the city centre but off the beaten party animal’s track, Gallery on Waymouth provides an environment to escape hectic city life while still capturing the appreciative elements a city like Adelaide has to offer.

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Gallery on Waymouth Review

By Jessica O’Reilly

It’s easy to walk past Gallery on Waymouth, but once you’re inside, the impressive contemporary-style entrance of the bar invites you to make your way down to the bartenders while taking in the collection of visual art pieces garnishing the walls and ceiling – everything from surrealist paintings to rustic and earthy light fixtures.

The huge carpeted booths and smaller bar tables allow for both the rowdier gatherings and the smaller, intimate meetings. But before you get comfortable, a beautiful modern, wooden staircase will take you up to a second floor perfect for private functions.

And it doesn’t stop there. Literally taking you to the next level is the outdoor rooftop bar, completing Gallery on Waymouth and serving as the prime attraction for its chic and swanky cliental. Outside provides more of a street-art feel, and combined with the visible surrounding CBD buildings, the bar manages to encapsulate the city nightlife vibe in an exclusive and secluded venue.

The city-feel pulsates throughout the three levels of Gallery on Waymouth, filling the spaces and travelling up and down the stairs with you. The smooth, chilled beats conducted by the DJs aid in relaxing even the most tightly-wound businessman or woman. Enthusiasm and enticement reverberates between each level, coaxing each patron to let the bar relax and prepare them to be spoilt for choice – especially when it comes to the selection of vodka.

Nothing short of twenty-six blends of vodka are on hand to greet you, coming from places such as Sweden, Poland, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Holland, France, the USA and even from our own backyard itself. Vodka veterans can expect to pay between $7 – $14 per glass with the option of vodka tasting notes on each brand for optimum consumption. Wine lovers aren’t forgotten at a bar like this; you’re looking at a standard $6.50 to $9 for a drop, or if it’s your shout then grab a bottle for anywhere between $28 and $388.

On this particular Saturday night, Gallery on Waymouth was playing host to a mix of patrons aged between 25 and 45, some of whom were cordoned off in the second level function room.

The bar is recommendable to socialites looking to relax with their beverages, enjoying the suave feel and interesting aesthetics on offer. I’d also look into booking a function at Gallery on Waymouth if I was trying to impress my guests. If the array of vodka and assortment of art isn’t enough to keep patrons on their toes, then the unique feature of a 3-leveled establishment should.

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