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Ferrara Karaoke Bar

67 Milligan St, Perth, WA
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The Ferrara Karaoke Bar is one of Perth’s Longest and most established Karaoke Bars based in the West end of Perth city, located at 67 milligan street, just near the Hotel Grand Chancellor and across the road from the Fast Eddy’s 24 hour Cafe. Ferrara’s has the most extensive and top quality English Karaoke song list in Perth and you can quite often find some of Perth’s top entertainers having a relaxing night off with friends and sharing their talent with a few great songs in the plush vivid red surrounds. We also cater for Tourists, Especially Japanese, where we have over 3,000 songs. Open seven days a week from 8 pm to late, entry is free and a dress code does apply. Ferrara Karaoke Bar offers an extensive list of imported beers, top Australian wines and exotic cocktails are in big demand.

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Ferrara Karaoke Bar Review

Review By Fiona Brewer

If you are “born to be wild,” and looking to “rock and roll all nite,” but just hate “singing in the rain” then get “moving on up” to Ferrara Karaoke Bar. Yes, all you movers and shakers: it’s time to strut your stuff and head to this quirky sing-a-torium, but make sure you leave all your humility at the door!

If you are unsure about whether or not you’ve got the X-Factor then maybe try a karaoke bar… perhaps even Ferrara Karaoke Bar! This cosy and quirky establishment is one of the most welcoming and forgiving karaoke bars I’ve ventured into, making it the perfect place to launch (and possibly soon retire) from your singing career.

When you first walk through the door you enter a darkly lit, modest sized room with a stage on one side and a bar on the other. There is a very urban and burlesque kind of feel about the place which I put down to the minimal illumination – it does make it easier to perform when you can’t see anyone. The bar is quaint, but will give you a prime view of the performances. The place has primarily a two colour design: black and red. The karaoke bar isn’t that big, and I imagine on a busy night it would resemble something like the London Tube.

Small bar, tiny drink prices! Seriously, all backpackers and uni students, this is the place for you! They have cocktails for $5 and $8, which vary depending on the day. I was able to purchase a concoction that resembled something of blue lagoon for $5, and it really packed a punch! There have spirits and RTDs at below average prices and I noticed the bar staff do tend make the drinks slightly stronger than average (the Dutch courage does make you more inclined to perform). The staff were very friendly and I imagine you would have to have a high tolerance level or be tone deaf to work there. Ferrara Karaoke Bar is definitely a cheap night out.

Ferrara Karaoke Bar is usually filled with a mixed bag of sorts. It is a destination bar and Karaoke tends to transcend age limitations. There was a range of age groups when I visited ranging from twent-eens up to the naughty-forties.

Now I will not delude with notions of grandeur; the majority of the performances I listened to (including my own!) were not exactly record deal quality. Karaoke is about having a laugh and a bit of fun so don’t take yourself too seriously. Literally the Karaoke comes from the two Japanese words – Kara and Oke meaning to sing and have fun. There is a pretty good song list filled with newbies and oldies, (Yes, Bon Jovi’s “Living on Prayer” is in there!). If you fancy yourself a bit of a vocalist you can also become a member of Ferrara and receive updates and discounts. So “pack up you troubles in an old kit bag,” and find out “who put the bomp in the bomp bomp bomp” at Ferrara Karaoke Bar.

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