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Cavill Avenue, Gold Coast

Elsewhere Bar

Level 3, 23 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD
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Its a club with a philosophy… This venue has been designed specifically for the mature drinker, focusing solely on the alternative music scene. Among the many goals that this nightclub attempts to fulfill, one in particular stands out from the crowd

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Elsewhere Bar Review

Review By Katrina Filewood

This intimate and trendy bar for the more mature drinker (20 years and over) is a mecca for music and culture loving guests. Elsewhere provides a place above the dirty streets of Surfers Paradise for those wanting to escape the dramas that Cavil Avenue can sometimes bring. So really, Elsewhere is the club to go to when you want to go ‘elsewhere’.

The club has really made an impression on me in comparison to other clubs on the Gold Coast because it is a place where on most nights you can walk up the stairs, be greeted by the suave door man and pay a small $10 cover charge and dance the night away.

You won’t catch fresh eighteen year olds here trying to get guys to buy them drinks, neither will you find hen’s nights, bucks nights or any form of backpacking bar crawl. The demographic is a little more trend than trash in comparison to the big dance clubs around Surfer’s Paradise.

The interior gives a grungy yet artistic feel with concrete walls covered in lavish artworks. There are plenty of comfortable seating areas with couches and tables that allow you to catch up with friends or watch people dancing on the amazing checkerboard light-up dance floor.

There are two bars at elsewhere each serving a large variety of drinks at around $10 each. There are also plenty of cocktails available but you can expect to pay around $15 for those, though the few I tried were definitely worth it (note: The Love-struck Mule is delicious!).

Penny Lane is the newest addition at Elsewhere: an outdoor area that gives people a chance to get some fresh air. If you happen to catch Penny Lane on the night of an open-air disco you will be able to hear some beats outside as well as inside.

Elsewhere really provides a great night out but only if that scene is for you. If you are interested in a big night out full of top 40 hits and getting “slizzered” then I would highly recommend you don’t go to Elsewhere because you will not find this music or atmosphere there.

The music is generally dance music but notthe contemporary pop remixes heard at most clubs.

If you check the website you can regularlycatch art exhibitions, fashion shows and music launches.

If you’re ever in the area and think you’rein need of a friendly atmosphere opposed to the biff of surfers then I recommend you try the nifty social club, elsewhere.

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