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Draculas Bar

100 Victoria St, Carlton, VIC
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Dracula’s is Australia’s longest running and most successful dinner theatre. A total night of entertainment combining burlesque, contemporary music, comedy and quality dining, all in the one incredible venue. From that first tentative step inside, you and your party are transported to an underworld of gothic splendour. Ride the famous ghost train into the Theatre of the Vampyre. Explore the multi level castle and be captivated by the intense atmosphere. Animated creatures as well as original and rare horror collectables adorn the entire venue. Sample unique cocktails in the Van Helsing cocktail bar.

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Dracula’s Bar and Cabaret Review

Review By Sean Mooney

For over 30 years Draculas Bar & Cabaret has consistently delivered a night to remember.

The building looks a little out of place, standing out from the repetitive structures around it with a look of a theme park attraction.

The theme continues throughout the venue with seemingly no expense spared and the staff – in their own peculiar way – accentuate the experience further with outbursts of horrific howling and playful banter. By the time the crowd arrives at the welcome bar, for what were reasonably priced pre-dinner drinks, everyone is well and truly in the mood for an uncertain night.

Nerves continue to jangle as the crowd explore their new surroundings, inexplicably lured towards the bizarre decor even though a genuine fright is guaranteed at each stop.One might expect a ghost train along the way if this were the fairground, but at a cabaret show?! Twisting and turning through a maze of freakish disorder before being shown your table is one way to work up an appetite!

Although entertaining, the Draculettes (as the wait staff are known) didn’t seem the type able to captivate an audience for the entire night. They leapt around the tables with drinks, entree’s and cameras with gusto, but lacked the pizzazz required to keep up the entertainment for the next few hours. However there wasn’t much longer to wait for the main event to begin.

The food far exceeded expectation. The steak was cooked to perfection and followed by a chocolate coffin filled with an enchanting filling for dessert – devilishly satisfying! Shortly after sitting back to watch the video highlights of the hidden ghost train camera, the show began.

Through a variety of skit comedy, visual effects, artistic props and musical talent the performers had the crowd bewitched from the outset. The lead role was played by a young man who seemed to have at least ten different accents at his disposal, with the support cast equally as remarkable in their own talent.

The Queen cover was a particular highlight, as was what can only be described as all singing, all dancing sperm. When the stage roof opened up so a vertical drum set could land on stage, the feeling of uncertainty deepened as an astonishing night continued.

The bill arrived at the end of the night with relief – there were no hidden charges or extras and topped a delightful night that will live long in the memory. A night well spent by all accounts as this had been an evening truly well worth the visit.

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