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Distill Cocktail Bar

286 Rundle St, Adelaide, SA
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Opening it’s doors in 2006, Distill Cocktail Bar aims to bring a healthy twist to the Adelaide cocktail scene, rapidly establishing itself as the place to be for celebrities, sports people, media and fashion identities, Priding themselves on using organic and ethical ingredients in the production of their cocktails.

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Review of Distill Cocktail Lounge

Review By Chelsea Kay-Daniels

If you want something different and versatile, then Distill is the place for you. Opening its doors in 2006, Distill brought new light to Adelaide’s East End cocktail district, and continues to do so today. Although the atmosphere can be laid back, is vibrant and happy with a hint of quirkiness that gives the venue it’s certain charm.

With an array of vines and leaves, it feels like you are stepping into a haven where you can feel relaxed and at peace while having a few tasty cocktails. Mystical blue lighting fills the air as groups of friends sit in conversation over a table of drinks or just one huge martini glass filled with straws; this is where you go to chill.

Different to other clubs and bars, Distill offers you music that is modern but old school. You can feel a sense of peace and talk in intimate groups, take a photo in the photo booth or dance to house and disco. Just in case you thought the venue couldn’t feel more sexy or relaxed, they also adorn a double bed and a stripper pole.

Distill caters to all ages, but specifically an older crowd until 10pm and a younger, party crowd afterwards. The clientele at Distill varies, depending on the time of day. Young professionals pop in for a drink after work, uni students are late night regulars, while groups of chic shoppers may like to rest their feet with a glass of bubbles on a Friday afternoon!

Be sure to check out Au Haus, which is a weekly event held on Friday nights and is dedicated to all things house and disco. The night was born out of extreme necessity to offer a cool place in Adelaide for the usual dull Fridays, and they have definitely succeeded. I would get in early though to avoid a line up, because there’s nothing worse than ruining a good night with a long wait in the cold.

Their aim is to present to patrons health inspired food and drinks that leave a less guilty feeling the next day. I don’t know about you, but I can’t see anything wrong with that sentence! Distill pride themselves in using organic and ethical products in their ‘health-biased’ cocktails and also offer a small range of ethical snacks and wines that comply with a 100-mile diet philosophy, lowering the impact of carbon emissions on our planet. So basically, you can be naughty with a few wines, but nice to the environment at the same time!

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A 2nd Look @ Distill Cocktail Bar

By Shannon Kilgariff

You cannot walk past Distill for the first time without stopping abruptly. Even the outside of this sophisticated bar is mesmerising with its huge, lit up cursive sign and pumping music – there is no other option but to walk straight in. With many large, comfy couches as well as two DJs, Distill has something for everyone.

Situated on Rundle Street, Distill has a vibe that can match no other. With chandeliers on the ceilings and fake ferns on the walls, Distill has it all. The bottom level typically attracts an older crowd, however once you head upstairs the music, dance floor and atmosphere is fantastic for a younger crowd.

Distill is open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and some Sundays. I strongly recommend Distill on Fridays and Saturdays as they are the busiest although both nights are so different. Saturday nights tend to attract a larger amount of people with the DJ playing today’s pop music. Every Friday has an ‘Auhaus’ theme. The decor is fantastic on a Friday and the upstairs room is filled with strange and peculiar objects. With a picket fence and fake grass surrounding the DJ, as well as a clothes line and a bed in the room, you won’t get bored taking in the surroundings. If you’re into the good old Nintendo 64, then come to Distill on a Friday to challenge your friends because yes, they even have their own Nintendo! With pots and pans lining the walls and a DJ playing house music until late, Distil is as different as it can get.

If its cocktails that you want, then cocktails you will get! Distill is one of Adelaide’s leading cocktail bars with hundreds of different drinks available; you will never be able to choose! The drink specials are seasonal and change every night. They usually consist of cocktails which range between $16.50 and $18.50 and most include fresh fruit, spices and herbs. Base spirits cost $8.50 and beers start from $7. If these don’t tickle your fancy, then there is a wonderful ‘fish bowl’ available which costs $50. Serving six, the fish bowl is an arrangement of different spirits and liqueurs that I guarantee you will enjoy.

There is never an entrance fee for Distill, however sometimes you may need to wait a very short time to get in on a busy night. For boys especially, make sure you are not wearing anything daggy as they have a strict dress code. If you are looking for the perfect function room, then make sure you take a look at Distill. The whole upstairs area is available for functions and the fantastic staff can make your night that extra bit special. The room is classy, sophisticated and a great size for birthday parties as well as work and Christmas functions.

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