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Cube Nightclub

33 Petrie Plaza, City, ACT
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More than a nightclub, Cube is a home away from home with a sense of family so unique it cannot be compared. Canberra’s premier gay venue along with ARIA accredited resident DJs provide a mix of music beyond the charts. With a decor featuring beds, a two way mirror, lockers, mosaics and loads of pouffes to sit on, there’s an ‘anything goes’ attitude and a certain open-mindedness that smacks you in the face often before you’ve even walked in the door

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Cube Nightclub Review

Review by Melanie Leach

A night out at Cube Nightclub is guaranteed to be interesting. As Canberra’s only gay nightclub, Cube has an ‘anything goes’ type of vibe and when you go there you really could see anything. The experience of Cube starts the second you walk down the stairs into a dimly lit room that resembles most other clubs. But then you’ll start to notice the small, or somewhat large, things that make Cube unique. Beds. That’s right beds. Where in most nightclubs you would find tables and chairs, in Cube you will find large beds. Depending on what time of the night you arrive, you may see a group of up to ten people drinking and chatting on each bed or if you have arrived later you may see only a couple of people really making themselves at home.

After the shock of seeing a night club decorated with beds, the rest of Cube’s crazy décor may not seem so strange. There is an almost classy looking mosaic and there is some quite interesting Mono Art around the walls. Cube also has a sunken dance floor which makes manoeuvring through the club easy but also allows people to surround the dance floor for a perfect view to really check out the dancers. The dance floor also has two mini stages which boast both dancing poles and dancing cages, both of which are constantly being used.

Cube has standard city prices, which can be quite a shock for most Canberrans used to $2 drinks. On Friday and Saturday nights, there’s a $10 cover charge after 11pm so get in early, but be warned, the party doesn’t get started until after midnight. While they do offer beer on tap, if you walk around with a schooner you will stand out. This is a shots, cocktails and mixed drinks kind of place. And with a wide variety of shots including the super strong ‘000’ and the crowd favourite the ‘pink pussy’, there’s a shot for everyone. However, with a 000 costing $10 and a vodka and orange costing you around the same, this isn’t the place to go if you’re on a strict budget. Unless it’s Thursday… ‘Thirsty Thursday’ at Cube has no cover charge, serves $3 basic mixers, $4 ready to drinks and even sometimes serves two for one shots.

If you want a relaxed evening to chill out and have a few drinks with friends, then Cube is not the place for you. Cube is a dance club with loud music. There are DJs each night playing a mix between quality funky house, cheesy top 40 or harder dance. Cube also offers different theme nights such as its recent Cube’s Got Talent and Homo High. Being a gay club means that Cube always has an interesting crowd. Each night it homes hipsters, hen’s parties, birthday parties, straight people, gay people, people who are Bi and people dressing in phenomenally realistic drag. It is a place for all, no one is judged and everyone is welcomed with open arms.

WARNING: Cube has a secret VIP room which sits behind a large mirror made up of the glass from police interrogation rooms. So if you feel like checking your teeth, fixing your hair or even picking that uncomfortable wedgie, just know that someone is watching and probably laughing at you.

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