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Nestled in the hub of Fishing Boat Harbour, The Loft is part wine bar lounge, part performance venue. Demarcated by little more than a pink hued arch (and this was a recent addition) it can be harder to spot than a needle in a haystack. Queues here are unheard of- just look for a doorway sandwiched between Little Creature’s Brewery and The Mussel Bar.

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The Creatures Loft Review

Review By Lidia Aniela

A late night lounge in a most unlikely location

It’s Friday night and as the sun dips below the horizon, Fremantle’s main drag is only just waking up. The lattes and cappuccinos sipped earlier that same morning by bleary eyed commuters have now been substituted by liquor and cocktails. Between mouthfuls of bruschetta, restaurant goers on the promenade eye the prowling clublife warily. Loud music pumps from clubs, bars and hotels above the general din of pedestrians and road traffic.

This scene this conjures is always vibrant, glorious and one hundred percent Fremantle cafe strip. But as the night wears on, the mascara begins to smudge and the footpath fisticuffs, initially playful, dissolve into beer soaked brawls one can’t help but dream of a refuge far, far removed from the hysteria of South Terrace.

Entering here, stage left, is The Loft. If you’re a discerning bar-hopper jaded by overpriced alcopops, sternum shattering bass beats and door policies that necessitate fingerprint scanning – welcome home.

Nestled in the hub of Fishing Boat Harbour, The Loft is part wine bar lounge, part performance venue. Demarcated by little more than a pink hued arch (and this was a recent addition) it can be harder to spot than a needle in a haystack. Queues here are unheard of just look for a doorway sandwiched between Little Creature’s Brewery and The Mussel Bar.

The offbeat furnishings evoke an atmosphere that’s part Great Gatsby (an abundance of green leather armchairs) and part dimly lit library with a longbar thrown in for good measure. The whole setting could easily have seemed stuffy and contrived, like so many establishments that have tried and failed with “eclectic” interiors. Here, it suits the chilled, easygoing clientele to a tee. The real eye opener though, is the breathtaking view out onto Fremantle harbour.

Spirits are off-limits at the Loft, but won’t be missed with a well stocked selection of beers, ciders and wines to serve all palettes. Hopheads rejoice most of the beers come directly from the adjacent Little Creature’s brewery. There’s also some fairly exotic international brands on hand. Come on the right night and you might get the chance to sample the $10 sangria. Admittedly I’ve always visited the Loft for post dinner drinks and to soak up the ambience. The bar menu seems perfectly acceptable though, with a range of antipasto and tapas style bites intended to compliment the brews.

Also known as Creature’s Loft, this innocuous little den is surely destined to become an enduring Freo legend – if it hasn’t already.

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A 2nd Creatures Loft Review

Review By Andrea Downey

After a warm summers weekend there is nothing quite like lazing away Sunday afternoon by having a few social drinks with friends. This is exactly the way I spent my Sunday afternoon at The Creatures Loft in Fremantle (more affectionately known as “Little Creatures”).

The laid back casual atmosphere is the most alluring part of this little treasure located alongside the calming water of Fremantle’s boat harbour. The entire venue emits the vibe that you are just having backyards drinks at a friend’s house on a cool summer’s night. It’s the perfect place for anyone who is looking for a good time without the added hustle and bustle of nightclubs. Personally, I think it is the best place to unwind at the end of a weekend before the daily grind starts again on those dreaded Monday mornings.

One of the most attractive elements about Little Creatures is the layout and the decor. There are two alfresco style areas located at the front and the back of the vicinity. These are separated by a pub style restaurant area which is suitable for large groups/parties or even for cosy couples who would prefer to sit in their own booth away from the crowds. All of these areas are decked out to look very casual but at the same time very stylish. At the very back of the venue, right by the water, you feel right at home sitting on the wooden benches next to a table whilst at the same time never forgetting that you are in a fantastic bar.

The outside area at the back also includes a sandpit with some toys for children to play around in whilst the parents forget their worries for a few minutes (until somebodies child comes running back anyway!). The fact that there is a children friendly area in a well-established bar is very rare and makes Little Creatures very unique.

Just when you think you can’t find anything more to like about The Creatures Loft, you bump into one of their friendly staff members and are given a taste of what feeling comfortable and right at home really is. The staff are fantastic. They don’t just take your order and leave; you actually get to have a conversation even if it is just about the best meal the chef serves. The customer service ticks all the right boxes.

Now that you are overly convinced to visit The Creatures Loft, if you already haven’t, here are some need-to-knows about the bar.

The dress code is very casual (you can get in wearing shorts and thongs). It is children friendly. It does get quite busy so if you are looking to have a meal it is best that you get there early. The prices are fairly reasonable; meals can cost anywhere from $15 to $35 each, desserts range from $10 to $25 (I skipped dinner and had an apple and rhubarb compote waffle for $12 and it was delicious!). If you’re just going to have casual drinks; pints average about $9 (about $5 for a middy) and they have their own brews which go down quite nicely. For those of you who don’t drink beer there is always the wine list which has glasses for about $9 or bottles between $20 and $50 (depending on the elegance of your taste). Lastly but definitely not least you will have a great time unwinding with friends or family so what are you waiting for?

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Creatures Next Door Review

Review by Patrick Marlborough

Creatures Next Door is the jazzified reimagining of what was Little Creature’s Loft. It still maintains its stunning views of Fremantle harbour, and people out for a casual drink or dinner will be witness to the rocks and ebbs of boat masts, and the slow passing of yachts and fishing vessels.

With a range of West Australian beers and wines, Next Door is one of the best places to head in Freo if you want drink variety. I was given a strong malt beer that felt like it should have been being drunk by a German porn-star on a skiing holiday, i.e. it tasted really good. The food menu is as good as ever, with the brilliant service being complimented by the new décor: beer-bottle chandeliers, velvet couches, leather sofas and a dim speak-easy light that gives you a sense of underground cheek.

Freo, and it indeed Next Door’s big brother Little Creatures, can get a bit hectic on a Friday night, so it’s nice to have a place like Next Door offering a chilled vibe and relaxed atmosphere

If I was going to take a non-Fremantlite out somewhere that impresses on them the uniqueness of the town, then Next Door would be my starting place. Go check it out!

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