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Docklands, Melbourne

Cookie Nightclub

252 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC
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Boasting one of the longest bars in the Melbourne, it serves outstanding cocktails, but the clicher is its excellent selection of beers, wines and spirits – with over 80 on tap, you’ll be in beverage heaven.

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Cookie Nightclub

Review By Verity Trott

The seductive glow of dimmed lights along with the flickering candles lure us into the maze of private booths along to the bar stools romantically inclined. The very trendy barmen add to the overall relaxed vibe of the bar, which is a nice change from the usual hectic scrabble of people desperate to be served. Taking a sip from a very decently sized glass one can barely hear the giggles from the concealed, cosy booths over the slightly too imposing daggy music with the lyrics ‘God bless Australia’ merrily playing from the dance floor.

A classy and elegant manner is still upheld as the night proceeds. A place of sophistication where one’s hair is allowed to be let loose after a day of hard work; Cookie caters for the corporate types who would prefer to keep that extra ounce of self-respect as opposed to getting down and dirty.

Located in the center of the city on Swanston St, with regular trams cruising by, and a short stroll from both Melbourne Central and Flinders Street, Cookie is easy to find and easy to get it. Free entry and reasonably priced drinks in such a prime location is a golden quality. With its adaptable and dynamic use of space one can find an intimate bench sheltered from the more energetic buzz coming from the disco dance floor. The outside smoker-friendly balcony also creates a peaceful aura distanced from the chaotic atmosphere of the city below.

However if you brave the many flights of stairs to the very top of Curtain House you will be welcomed with the Rooftop bar. With a step down from the level of sophistication and seductive temptations of the beer hall in Cookie, Rooftop offers luxurious and exotic cocktails accompanied with the comfort of deck chairs. This small portion of paradise is located seven floors above the city and overlooks the many alleys and laneways that come alive in the night hours.

For those who have an elegant and intimate vision for their night, the seductive appeal of Cookie, with its beautiful interior and dimmed lighting will certainly help generate an entrancing night.

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A 2nd Review of Cookie Nightclub

Review By Tharini Iyengher

The first night out in any new city is always challenging, especially in a big city like Melbourne. Where do all the cool people go? Do they hang out in Brunswick, in the “alternative” Fitzroy or do they just hit the city by default – So many questions and way too many answers. Well, if you are anything like me, you will be lazy and buy a train ticket to Flinders St Station. And, if you are anything like my friend, who tagged along, you would be even lazier and not wear a collared shirt. That means, the number of clubs we could enter on a Friday night automatically plummeted.

Listening to my friend’s suggestion, we walked to the Cookie bar and restaurant where dress sense is not an issue. Located 3 blocks away from Flinders St Station, on Swanston St, Cookie is squeezed in between rows of convenience and retails stores. So, you can easily miss it. My impression of Cookie started to crumble within the first few minutes of entering the building. The lift was not working and already breaking out in sweat after climbing the stairs to the first floor (I was wearing heels), I expected the atmosphere of the bar to cool me down a little. That did not happen. The tiny venue that Cookie boasted was further divided between the bar and the restaurant and it was cramped full of people who were pushing and shoving for a place to even stand.

While my friend did not seem particularly bothered, I found myself getting irritated by the minute, especially with the music of some teenage rock band blasting in the background.However, looking around me, I realized why I had trouble getting along with Cookie. The problem was not the bar but just that I was the wrong demographic. Most of the people there seemed to be young adults who were chilling after what seemed like a massive day at school. And then suddenly, I understood it all. Cookie was indeed catering to the tastes of youngsters who were just satisfied with a small and affordable place they can hang out to discuss the latest ins and outs. Not forgetting that Victoria University and RMIT are just walking distance away from the city, Cookie is also a convenient location for students to hang out for Friday night drinks.

After resting my feet, my friend and I then headed further upstairs to the roof top bar. Cookie and I may have gotten off on the wrong foot but after enjoying the spaciousness the roof-top bar provided, I decided that if I was maybe just a decade younger, I would actually think Cookie was a fun, vivacious place to hang out. And so the conclusion? If you are a young adult and you wanted to hang in a place close to school or work, you would probably love Cookie. But, for us 25 years old and above, we better watch our calorie intake and give Cookie a pass.

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A 3rd Review of Cookie Nightclub

Review by Eleanor Tabone

With the alluring dim lights and mass amounts of stairs reaching high up into the night, partygoers are whisked up and elevated above and beyond into Swanston Street’s infamous Cookie.

During the warmer months of the Australian year, ‘clubbing’ can become more of a task then a form of entertainment. Stuck in an un-air-conditioned nightclub, surrounded by girls trying to maintain a crisp of glamour, whilst at the same time pressed up against men whose cologne has long gone worn off, may not appeal to all.

Cookie maintains a certain level of elegance and class. With actually attractive security guards, who surprisingly seem to enjoy their job, everyone is able to relax and obtain a drink with a certain level of ease.

Cookie attracts all demographics, after a busy and tiring week business moguls take refugee high up into the heavens at Cookie. University students are also seen in abundance due to the fact there is no entry fee.

Reasonably priced drinks ensures there is alcohol consumption late into the night. Cookie invites all onto the dance floor with common dance hits being emulated from the sound system. With a large stage, Cookie is also able to house local and international bands. On the odd occasion when there is no gig happening, you may be given the “opportunity” to observe those few drunken souls clamber up on stage in the hopes to re-incarnate a Miley Cyrus VMA twerk. However, for those who do not intend on watching younger generations follow in the twerking fad, they can opt out and choose Rooftop Bar instead.

Those who wish to brave what seems like the endless flight of stairs up to Rooftop Bar, patrons are eventually escorted into a Swanston Street oasis. Guests are able to dance, drink and unclench all stresses, which may have built up during the week and at the same time take in the sweet serenity and sights of Melbourne CBD.

Located in Swanston Street, there is no excuse to stay home on a Friday night. With trams running later and a quick stroll from Flinders Street Station, there is no need for an expensive cab ride or DDs.

With the intimate lighting and cool, suave feel, both Rooftop and Cookie satisfy party hunters in a different way some may be accustomed to. On a warm spring evening, Cookie has the ability to enhance all moods, gearing up patrons for an enticing weekend ahead.

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