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Coogee Bay Hotel

Cnr Coogee Bay Rd and Arden St, Coogee, NSW
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Boasting seven bars, Sydney’s biggest beer garden, budget to boutique accommodation, conference and event facilities overlooking beautiful Coogee beach, a 1800 capacity live entertainment venue, two retail liquor outlets and a brassiere, why go anywhere else! The Coogee Bay Hotel continues to provide a meeting place for locals and tourists to interact and be entertained in one of Sydney’s most idyllic locations – Coogee!

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Coogee Bay Hotel Review

Review By Ben King

The Coogee Bay Hotel, what more can we say other then its famous for its infamy. Occupying prime position on Coogee Beach, the Coogee Bay Hotel has held many titles at one time or another, some good and some bad.

Our group and I arrived around 4pm and the first thing that strikes you about the place is its sheer size. Boasting a pub, massive beer garden, Selina’s Nightclub after 9pm and several bars scattered across the venue, the Coogee Bay Hotel has something for everyone as the cliche goes.We headed straight for the beer garden which to put mildly is about the size of Russel Crowe’s garage, (which if you think about it, must be decent). Otherwise if you can’t visualize that it is about half the size of a football field, which given the number of footie players that call this venue their local, is a very apt metaphor.

The atmosphere of the Coogee Bay Hotel is vibrant, with an array of beautiful girls and buff tanned guys (with the latter of the two not exactly my type). However as one bar tender put it, “the warmer the day, the less clothes people wear,” which means on a hot summer’s day in Sydney’s South East, this is the place to be.

The size of this venue combined with its location is such that attracts an intensely eclectic mix of people of all ages, in particular, a large contingent of backpackers and foreigners enjoying very reasonably priced drinks.Selina’s nightclub, which starts up at 9pm is without question one of the best places in Sydney to see “A Grade” local and international acts. There aren’t many venues in Sydney that can lay claim to hosting Ministry of Sound, The Potbelleez and Grinspoon in a single summer.

Although the Coogee Bay Hotel has a reputation, management seem to take the safety of patrons seriously, with an ample security presence throughout the venue seemingly designed to deter and deal with troublemakers.

All in all, we had a great time partying away till about 12.30, and strongly recommend this venue to locals and foreigner alike as one of Sydney’s premiere venues.

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