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Club Bayview

20 St Quentin Ave, Claremont, WA
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One of the longest running Clubs in Perth, Club Bayview has definitely earned the title of

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Club Bayview Review

Review By Bree Humphreys

Probably Perth’s best neighbourhood bar… Well at least that’s what is plastered in huge letters across the side of the building. I am of course talking of the one and only Club Bayview (known to the regulars as Clubba). Situated in the classy (no sarcasm) suburb of Claremont, right behind the glowing sign of Hungry Jacks, Clubba is a small, sticky and often smelly place.

And people love it! On a Thursday night the line is so long you would think Clubba was Studio 54. Get there past 8.30pm and you will have some serious trouble getting in. This could be because Clubba is free entry, though if you are impatient, choose the VIP entry line and pay $10 rather than wait. Or the massive line could be just because Clubba is…well…Clubba. Despite the fact that in my last visit I managed to cut open my toe on broken glass (which I’m certain one of my friends dropped) I still had a great time.

Clubba consists of two rooms and a large, wrap around balcony that is a great escape from all the sweaty bodies packed into the rooms. Decor wise, it’s pretty funky and many flock to the err… “famous” material wall for photos.

A great place to inhabit whilst in your teens, or even early 20’s (though you may feel more like 30 amongst the young whippersnappers), Clubba plays the latest hits, in the top 40 sense, that will have you on the dance floor, even with an injured toe, for most of the night.

So whether you’re a student or just looking to continue the party after being at the Claremont Hotel, particularly on a Thursday or Sunday night, Clubba is the place to be. Just watch out for the glass.

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