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Circus Bar

199 Commercial Rd, South Yarra, VIC
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Immensely versatile, Circus caters not only for those wishing to enjoy a relaxed after work cocktail but also for those who want to party, with well revered local and international dj’s playing the latest house music. Additionally plenty of vocal acts and hip shakin’ percussion set the dance floor a blaze from dusk until dawn. The decor permeates with ambient warmth, decked out in rich red velvets, gold trimmings and plenty of adorning mirrors, candles and chandeliers feeling nothing short of the Moulin Rouge. Similarly designed, the roof top garden can transform from a casual outdoor setting to a ritzy VIP lounge depending on your desired taste.

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Lady Luck @ Circus Bar Review

Review by Melissa Zheliba

Truth be told I am not a Friday night clubber, I went out one Friday and then vowed never again. So I started saving myself for Saturdays and have been loyal to my unreasonable Friday prejudice ever since. I just didn’t think Melbourne had a Friday night that was worth the Saturday morning hangover.

But, I will swallow my pride and am willing to admit I was wrong. Lady Luck @ Circus has resurrected my faith in Friday nights and proven that sometimes, the rules of clubbing can be bent.

Myth 1. There are no places that look like they do in their gallery photos.

False. The pictures don’t lie – Circus is as decadent and gorgeously decorated as it is in its promotional shots. Even the drunk acknowledge this: “why are there no people upstairs on these couches? If I was going to pass out anywhere it would defiantly be here. Its beautiful.”

What’s the catch? Well the dance floor is sort of small but this is appeased by the platforms that line the walls. There’s a big fan too, so as you dance you can have the wind blowing through your hair and feel fabulous.

Myth 2. You will never get into a club with board shorts on. You have to look like a gay man dressed you.

False. The truth? You will never get into a club looking like a blind bogan hijacked your wardrobe, but if you take a few minutes to consider the aesthetics your outfit, even if they may include shorts/hats/singlets you have a good chance at getting into Circus. I saw a pair of thongs.

Myth 3. Good clubs are pretentious and expensive.

False. Yes, as with anything you get what you pay for but $20 entry is a small feat for a Friday night of this caliber. I’m talking, dance floor so full patrons are compelled to take out their phones and take photos. DJ’s who mix Avici and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. 2 bars, a VIP area and a roof top area you might mistake for a resort did it not overlook Chapel St.

Myth 4. Clubs can’t do 10pm to recovery.

False. Circus can.

Luck is a Lady, and I’ve found the best chaser for any Friday night club.

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