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A hidden gem nestled in quiet Leigh Street in the city. One step inside and you will be transported to a far away land with inspiration from Morocco, Turkey, Bali and Cambodia. Collected trinkets and treasures from all places exotic make up an eclectic mixture and a feast for the eye. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself swaying to the beat of a drum or dancing the night away to the exotic sounds of the planet. Rory Bourke and Danjiel Maksimovic built and designed this baby from the ground up. With two years of research they crafted two bars, an outdoor courtyard and live music area.

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Review By Megan Dempsey

Do you find yourself going to the same places week in week out? Do you need a break from the repetitive techno and top 40 hits? Sick of watching the same two idiots make like their trying out for so you think you can dance and not get in? Sounds like it’s time for you to head to Casablabla, a little multicultural treasure I found one night when I wandered off the beaten track of Hindley Street.

You can be forgiven for thinking I just made this bar up – even the name sounds a bit strange. But believe me when you enter inside this foreign oasis of earthy colours and you hear the sound of pounding drums, you will know I was far from dreaming this up. Casablabla boasts two fully stocked bars, a live music stage and an outdoor courtyard for those barmy summer evenings. There is an entry fee as with most bars and nightclubs these days however it is minimal and the line up compared to the nightclubs I’m used to was like the men’s toilets line up compared to the ladies.

Upon first entering the bar the first place to head has to be the dance floor. Even those of you who generally have to be sloshed out of your minds to even attempt a gentle sway will be swinging your hips even as you walk through the door. That is the magic of live drums, it entrances you and launches you into an hour long salsa with the first guy to glance your way, or so it was for me. Insider tip: if you need some time to cool off, the outdoor courtyard is no reprieve. I was mid way through a large glass of water, a sit down and a drunken conversation with the huge Buddha statue when a drummer lead conga line picked me up and suddenly I was back performing my best flamenco hands. Best to cool down in the toilets, or (if you prefer) the couch area near the indoor stream might do just as well.

This Mediterranean nook is a great place to dine with some of the tastiest treats I have ever had. But the very best thing about the food is they serve it all the way until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights; I guess it’s to soak up all that alcohol.

If you’re over the weekend nightlife altogether and you’re looking for somewhere to head on a Tuesday night Casablabla could be the ticket! They offer $10 Paella and free Salsa classes! That sounds a bit more exciting than my regular Tuesday night in front of the TV painting my toenails.

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