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Carmens Nightclub

591 The Kingsway, Miranda, NSW
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The epicentre of clubbing in Sydney’s South and one of the best clubs in Sydney. Known to the locals as the place to be every night, Carmens is quintessentially Cronulla, with a relaxed surfy atmosphere reeming with tanned bodies all out to have a good night. So if your in Cronulla or Sydney’s South looking for a big night out, then Carmen’s is simply a must.

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Carmens Nightclub Review

Review By Cassanne Ayre

If you ask anyone what’s a popular night spot to visit in the Sutherland Shire you will without a doubt here one single word; Carmens.

Carmens has been around for decades, I know this because I vaguely remember my parents telling me that they used to walk home from there after a Saturday night out. However, this doesn’t mean that it is old or out-dated. It is quite the opposite. There is always something interesting happening over the weekend that draws the overage and sometimes underage population of the Sutherland Shire. Although some do slander its reputation, Carmens is still a fun and exciting night out.

Usually, I am there on a Saturday night, it is always the busiest so I am always bumping into familiar faces. Carmens is open for business on both Friday and Saturday nights. Fabulous Fridays include $5 cocktails from 6-9pm, live soloists and duos from 6pm and funky DJs from 10pm. I personally haven’t visited Carmens on a Friday night, but the $5 dollar cocktails are worth going for. But take it from personal experience; Saturday night is the best night to go. There are always fantastic DJs that play constantly till the lights are turned on.

Carmens has previously hosted acts such as the Bagraiders, Hook and Sling and the Ashton Shuffle as well as numerous local up and coming DJs. You will always see young Shire folk lining up outside ready for a wild night out, and letting loose on the dance floor. Carmens also offers a fantastic function room for any type of event, whether it be a Hen’s night or 21st Carmens is always willing to cater for your chosen affair. You party is hosted in their private function room that hosts two separate bars and a large dance floor where your guests can dance the night away.

If you are ready to have a wild and eventful night, then Carmens is definitely the place for you. At Carmens the music is always loud and the drinks are always flowing, two essential ingredients for a fantastic night out!

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A Second Review of Carmens Nightclub

Review by Patrick Webb

The Miranda Hotel is very much the modernised ‘Aussie pub’ establishment. It’s been designed to cup all groups into a community playground. During the day, it’s an eatery with a loaded menu and sleek customer service. In the afternoon, it’s a trades people hangout for a visually tilted daze at the sports screens, tucking ones nose into a frothy delight. Put yourself there on a Friday and Saturday night; then you’re greeted with the shires community of players, babes, geeks and swamp monsters. From a pleasant diner to a debauchery of binge drinking teenagers and cashed up cronies, completely terrorising each other with their desire to impress and best.

This is what the shire-people call Carmen’s. It is an intense garden of mixed beans and a whole lot of fun if you can get in with the crowd. If you’re one of those hot headed jealous types, don’t bother bringing your lady or your fists along. There are a fair number of cattle of the rugby scene that have team mentalities. Almost like watching naughty children, who have been left at home alone, running around taunting and groping each other senseless. However, it’s not all that bad if you’re willing to accept that these folks are simply having innocent fun, thrown in with Vodka and OJ, and obviously letting out much excitement, after being couped up at work, or even school all week.

The size of the establishment is impressive. There are many ways to get around the place. I found the natural flow from entrance to bar was fairly easy. Carmen’s dance floor and bar area is standard in operative. The bar is right of the stage. The dance floor area is huge. You’re likely to have space to wiggle. The stage has a VIP area, which is occupied by the DJ and entourage. If you’re a good-looking girl, then most likely you’ll be joining the stage crew. It’s the trend after all.

Because of the high volume of menaces, the bar is relatively basic. It is a nice backlit mirror display, omitting a blue atmosphere that resonates throughout the dance floor area. Prices are cheaper than the CBD and often there are drink deals for the basic mixers.

There is a chill-out area with its very own bar, which backs the dance floor, divided by a heavy door and open framed windows. Then you’re met with the remainder of where you began in the punters dining area with a half square bar securing the inner proximity to ensure maximum output of beverages to the customers. Towards the front of the Hotel’s bar, you have pool tables that are only secured by leaving a lower denomination of coin (20c) upon the tables rim, generally in line waiting.

Experience the ways of the Shire-ites. You’ll either love it or hate it. And you’ll most likely wake up with wet shoes. It was fun, loud and I loved the bartenders. Take some ear-pugs with you, too.

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